Exploring The Concept Of Perfume Layering

Jun 21, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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Applying perfume has been an essential beauty step in many women’s routines for centuries. However, some women do not know of the wonders of layering fragrances to create a signature scent.


Wearing multiple perfumes at once may not be something that many are accustomed to, but it is fantastic. Layering several scents can help one create a bespoke fragrance that is unique to the person wearing it.

There is nothing more alluring and memorable than a lovely scent and layering them makes this even better. As a result, we’ve put together a brief exploration of perfume layering and how to do it.

Perfume Layering


Perfume layering is the act of mixing multiple fragrances to create a signature scent. This technique does not only refer to spraying perfumes on top of each other; there are many ways to go about perfume layering.

Perfume layering can start as soon as you use a fragranced shower gel and body lotion. You can also layer multiple fragrances by applying different perfumes on different spots of your body instead of all in one place.

The Rules For Layering Perfume


Perfume layering is fantastic for experimentation, which means that there are no rules to mixing scents. However, there are some tips that experts have shared for the best smelling fragrance combinations.

Firstly, it is recommended that you use heavier scents first, so they don’t overpower the lighter scents. Then, experts also recommend getting familiar with different fragrance layers to help you pick which ones to combine.


First-timers can try layering scents with a common note and experiment further from there. However, if you are feeling adventurous as a first-timer, experts encourage you to go ahead and play around as much as you can.

Unfortunately, layering perfumes can also result in wearing too much perfume. Thankfully, you can layer the perfumes on a cloth first, leave it in a room for a few minutes and come back to smell it to see whether it’s too much.

The Best combinations


Experimenting with scents is the best way to get what you like, but there are already some fabulous combinations. Celine Roux, Jo Malone’s executive director of global product development, shared some recommendations.

The combinations include Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body Crème and Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne. She also recommends using the Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Dry Body lotion with the Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne.


“Putting on the complimentary lotion for our scent can add intensity and long-lastingness to our wearing experience. In the spring and summer months, though, you might have a desire for something cleaner and fresher, like combining citrus and floral notes with musky cotton notes.”

Says Honorine Blanc

Firmenich master perfumer Honorine Blanc is a fan of combining different scents according to the seasons. She opts for floral and citrus notes in summer and reminds us to choose an appropriate lotion for our fragrances.