Exploring The Idea Of Colorful Wedding Dresses

Apr 15, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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Want to break the mold? So try to dare with a bridal look full of colors! Often the dictates impose well-defined rules, such as the strictly white wedding dress, shoes to match the apparel and accessories in soft shades.


The choice of details for the bridal look is undoubtedly one of the most important in life, and as we all know, the outfit must follow the style but above all, the wearer's personality.

For this reason, if you have a dynamic and alternative soul and you want to express it even on your wedding day, do it with colors! The most common shades are beige, blush, pink, but the range of colors goes beyond pastel-colored wedding dresses and, over time, has become much more varied.

Why Does A Bride Wear White?


Ever since Queen Victoria's wedding, every bride has always chosen a white dress for her wedding day. Over the centuries, in the Western world, this color has been associated with the whiteness and purity of the one who leaves her family and paternal home to become a wife and mother.

To date, even though the more classic meaning has slowly been lost, the white wedding dress has continued to represent the dream dress of every betrothed.

Dresses With Defined Cuts And Soft Lines


Among the colored wedding dresses, we have seen more intense colors prevail, such as those of navy blue, red, and the inevitable black.

This year, the most eccentric personalities who prefer bright tones will undoubtedly appreciate colors. They will appreciate styles that move from straw yellow and golden shades to those of black.


No less elegant are the flaming red wedding dresses. This is a perfect look for those who want to show a lively and decisive attitude on their wedding day.

For those who want to emphasize the body's lines and emphasize the silhouette, soft shades, such as powder pink and beige, will do the magic.

Dresses With Delicate Nuances


Those who want to wear a one-of-a-kind garment on their wedding day will fall in love with whimsical patterns. The bride-to-be who loves lace patterns, the flowers, and all the extravagant details would naturally want to be the star of the day.

She should opt for voluminous cuts with floral applications along the skirts and bodices that delicately frame the décolleté.

A Perfect Mix Of Classicism And Extravagance


Those who prefer to respect traditions but with a touch of extravagance can opt for a classic total white with a light and refined touch of color.

The models and shades on which you can orient your choice are many, not only colored wedding dresses. Numerous ceremonial events will allow you to break the mold with class.


Try looking at the catalogs and discover all the new trends to be a bride-to-be outside the conventional canons. Don't forget that the bridal look must be in perfect harmony with all the accessories you choose to add.

Feel free to complete it with all those elements that best represent you! If you had the choice and options presented before you, what color would you preferably wear on your wedding day?