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Exploring The Link Between Sex And Spirituality


April 13, 2021

As the world becomes more and more sexually liberated, we are seeing a rise in sexual encounters. However, that does not necessarily mean there has been a rise in soul connections because of this. 

While each sexual encounter doesn’t have to contain a soul connection, it is a good feeling when you participate in sexual intercourse with someone you trust and love. It is perfectly fine to have meaningless sex if that’s what you want. 

However, it is essential to remember that there is a spiritual side to sex that can enhance the experience for all involved. 

What Is Spiritual Sex? 

Spiritual sex is the act of bringing your spirituality into your sexual encounters. This can be done by lighting a few more candles before you have sex, or it can be done by practicing rituals before having sex. 

Spiritual sex has a mindful quality to it in that all participants are aware that sex is a sacred practice and should be treated as such. In doing this, you can enhance and intensify the experience. 

Many people view sex simply as a physical outlet. Still, sex is also very much spiritual and was only separated from spirituality in this century when it became taboo to talk about or even enjoy sexual encounters. 

Why Should We Practice Spiritual Sex?


Spiritual sex allows you to meet your partner in a sexual encounter where neither of you needs to feel embarrassed or shy. You are both there to experience and enjoy one another in one of the most intimate ways. Knowing this can increase libido and allow you both to feel liberated. 

Practicing spiritual sex will also allow you and your partner to experience greater satisfaction and clarity when you are finished. Knowing that you both were satisfied and enjoyed the experience will be rewarding. 


In some instances, people have reported that while participating in spiritual sex, they felt as though they were engulfed in bright golden light and that they were luminous at the moment of climax. Who wouldn’t want to experience that? 

Overall, spiritual sex is a redundant phrase because all sex is ultimately spiritual. However, really tapping into your spiritual energies and enjoying the experience as something sacred is something everybody should experience.