Exploring The Meaning Behind Your Strange Food Cravings

Everyone experiences food cravings, but sometimes they can get weirdly specific. Cravings can also persist and become unavoidable until they are taken care of without regard to your diet. 

Nutritionists, psychologists, and other experts have studied food cravings for years. Usually, they do not mean much and link to an emotional attachment, a hormonal change, or pleasure. 

Alternatively, recurring food cravings can be your body trying to relay a message about your health. Take a look at what some of the most common food cravings may be trying to tell you about your nutrition. 

Can’t Quit The Sweets

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Although we all know that sugar is highly addictive, persistent craving for sweets isn’t normal. If all you can think about is ice-cream, cake, and cookies, then your mind could be alerting you to your emotional state. 

A Yale study shows that women are likely to crave sweets when hit with stress, anger, or sadness. Experts recommend taking a 15-minute walk and dealing with the emotional stress to curb this craving. 

Chocolatey Dreams

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Sometimes you are not craving just any type of sweet treat but have the urge to eat chocolate. Nutrition professor Lisa Young presents that this may be an indication of a magnesium deficiency. 

“Around the time of your period, your body uses up more magnesium, which is why many women experience PMS and chocolate food cravings simultaneously,”

Says Lisa Young
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Dark leafy greens, bananas, and avocados are the better food options to reach for in this case. These foods will tend to your body’s needs and curb your craving without breaking your healthy diet. 

Lots And Lots Of Cheese

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Cheese is often seen in comfort food meals, and there’s a reason why that is. Lisa Young explains that cheese contains l-tryptophan, an amino acid that boosts the serotonin hormone production.

You do not always have to avoid your craving, so you can grab a bowl of cheesy pasta if you wish. Another way to boost your mood would be to try out a gentle yoga class that will get things flowing. 

All You Can Think About Is Bread

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Craving carbs may have something to do with your insulin or blood sugar levels. Dietician Elizabeth DeRobertis explains how this could mean that you are depriving your body of the correct fuels. 

“Typically, when someone is on a strict eating plan or has declared certain foods’ off-limits,’ they will want them that much more.”

Says Elizabeth DeRobertis 

You Just Need A Juicy Steak 

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Red meat cravings can be your body trying to aid an iron, vitamin B12, or zinc deficiency. Hearty red meat steaks offer a satisfying quick fix when they lack in your body, but meat isn’t the only remedy. 

Meatless options such as legumes or daily vitamin supplements can help you kick the craving. If you still can’t stop thinking about a burger, then you can distract yourself by completing an important task until you forget.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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