Exploring The Positive Effects Of Making Gratitude A Habit

There are so many negative things happening in the world that we start to lose perspective on the good. Unfortunately, this loss of perspective can put us in a dark place mentally that takes time to fix. 

It is important never to lose perspective on all the good in the world and your life for your own mental health. Unfortunately, things are quite dire in the world right now, and it is affecting many people’s mental health negatively. 

Fortunately, there are simple ways to pick yourself back up from a dark space or just to maintain good vibes. Read more to take a look at the positive effects that making gratitude a habit has on your mental well-being. 

Making Gratitude A Habit

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Gratitude is the act of giving thanks and appreciating the things that you have and the people around you. Many people practice gratitude when they write thank you cards after events or huge milestones in their lives. 

People often show gratitude in these ways because it is the courteous thing to do, forgetting how good it makes them feel. However, expressing gratitude has as many positive effects for the individual expressing as the person receiving thanks. 

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As a result, experts recommend that we try to express gratitude daily to reap the rewards of the action. However, many struggle because they are so used to thanking other people instead of just being thankful in general. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of examples to guide people on how to make expressing gratitude a habit. In addition, there are options such as prompted gratitude journals, lists, and even meditation podcasts available for this. 

The Benefits Of Practicing Gratitude

There are many benefits to practicing gratitude, especially during a time where everything seems to be horrid. Mindfulness is an important factor that comes into play when practicing gratitude, and that on its own is fantastic. 

When someone practices mindfulness, they are more present and aware of themselves, their bodies, and those around them. Mindfulness can encourage self-acceptance and peace because you only focus on being. 

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Expressing gratitude can also improve your mood and increase your happiness because it opens up your perspective. Continually giving thanks for the good things in your life can result in a better outlook, thus a positive mood. 

Other benefits of practicing gratitude include more satisfaction, greater resiliency, and better physical health. Some people have even shared that they feel less fatigued and are more patient from practicing gratitude. 

How You Can Express Gratitude

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Expressing gratitude encourages you to look within and find all of the things you are thankful for in your life. This may be challenging at first since we are so used to comparing ourselves and self-deprecating. 

Some people recommend focusing on the physical things at first because they are the easiest to identify. You can be thankful that you can taste food, can take walks, and even be thankful for being able to see. 

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Soon, you will be able to recognize more things that make your life feel complete and comfortable. These things can range from your relationships to being able to afford a secure apartment or even for some things yet to come.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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