Exploring The Power Of Our Words

Believe it or not, the stories we tell ourselves have the power to make us or break us. They impact our emotional well-being, and mold our attitude and personality traits. 

If you’re familiar with reading or writing stories, then you’d understand the power vested in words. Even a single sentence of encouragement painted as a quote can affect us so deeply, we can’t help feeling moved by it. 

The stories we tell ourselves are just about as powerful, if not more, than the ones we read. Here is everything you need to know about the little or big things you say to yourself everyday, and how they influence you. 

Believing In Yourself 

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If you don’t believe in yourself and your capabilities, you can never achieve your goals or realise your dreams. Oftentimes, we are so unsure of our inner strength, that we end up convincing ourselves we cannot do anything. 

The negativity around us can never affect us, so long as we are positive and sure of ourselves. Being self-determined is extremely important to getting anywhere in life, so work on talking positively to yourself. 

Positive Affirmations 

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“I can accomplish anything I put my heart and mind to,” and positive notes of such kind are very powerful messages. When you tell yourself something good every single day, it becomes a part of your subconscious mind and results in a positive change. 

Spend a little time all by yourself daily, and repeat some positive affirmations loudly to yourself. You can also listen to affirmations and positive messages on YouTube, before you go to sleep and right after you wake up. 

Practice Mindfulness 

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The best way to spare out some “me time” is by getting involved in mindfulness activities. Meditation, prayer, music and even a walk out in nature can offer us ample time for some great self-talk. 

We have got to change our self-image and start seeing ourselves in a positive light. When we have high regard for ourselves, our thoughts and feelings automatically start experiencing a shift which can benefit our mental and physical health. 

Fighting The Odds 

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Life will promise you days that are in your favor and also the ones which work against your desires. Instead of telling yourself “I can’t do this,” replace all the cants, ifs, and buts in your life, and then see things changing. 

Getting Back Up Every Time You Fall 

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We all experience failures in life, but the problem arises when we forget to get back up. If you keep telling yourself you’re a loser, you will somehow always encounter losses. 

We have to make a conscious effort of telling ourselves stories that we would like to see manifested in our life. It may take time to put a dent in our existing self-beliefs, but we can inspire positive changes in ourselves over time.

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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