Exploring The Psychology Behind Social Media's Obsession With Sage Green

Apr 01, 2021
07:00 A.M.
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Social media used to be filled with neutral colorways, but now we see a shift to color. Over the past year, we’ve noticed how sage green has been on every influencer’s radar and decided to investigate.


I can remember the first time I saw the green hue on social media and becoming obsessed with it immediately. It all started with a Matcha latte picture, then infiltrated fashion, design, and decor.

The green shade has been unescapable online for months now, and there’s a good reason why. Read more to explore the color psychology behind social media user’s obsession with the color sage green.

Nu-Minimalism Color Palettes


Instagram saw a wave of neutral color palettes make their way onto feeds when minimalism became popular. One would liken the average influencer’s feed to palettes of browns, creams, blacks, and whites.

These days we have been seeing a shift towards more color, with Classic Blue being the color of the year in 2020. Now, people are having more fun with bold primary colors on their feeds and experimenting more.


Content creators have ditched neutral tones for soft colors on the more curated and ‘nu-minimalist’ side. We have seen more periwinkle tones, buttery yellow hues, light pinks, and pastel oranges than ever lately.

One soft color that has stood out in fashion, design, decor, and food over the past year is green. Sage green, to be specific, is a fresh pop of color that is muted enough to fit the minimalist’s curated page.

Looking At Green In Color Psychology


We often do not realize how much the small changes in society influence trends online. The sudden admiration of the sage green hue may seem coincidental, but there may be a psychological explanation to it.

According to color psychology, colors can influence specific psychological reactions like a mood lift and more. Green has strong associations with nature, making it a generally tranquil and revitalizing shade.


“Green, which is Nature’s color, is restful, soothing, cheerful, and health-giving.”

Says Paul Brunton

Last year, the world went into a state of stress due to the pandemic. The positive connotations of this color may have influenced its popularity to make us feel more refreshed, cheerful, and relaxed than we actually were.

Other Reasons To love Sage Green

Although there is evidence that supports color psychology, the way you perceive color is personal. Fortunately, we have more explanations that present why you may be obsessed with sage green right now.

Sage green is excellent for any season, which makes your decor or clothing purchases excellent investments. The color also looks fantastic on all skin tones making it a perfect versatile color in beauty and fashion.

You can also easily add sage green touches to your Instagram feeds, homes, and style choices. Since green is a color from nature, it is pretty easy to find sage green items to get you on-trend in no time.