Exploring The Reverse French Manicure Trend

Jun 12, 2021
04:00 A.M.
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Getting ready for a summer outdoors means we’ve got to get everything done, including our nails! And if you’re looking for some reverse French manicure inspiration, we’ve collected our favorites!


Well, now that summer is here, and the vaccines have made it safe for us to go about our days, we’re getting excited to hit the salon finally. While we’ve greatly enjoyed getting along by ourselves, it’s time we let the professionals do what they’re best at!

The reverse French manicure is the new nail trend, and if you want to be on-trend for the summer, you better book your appointments ASAP! Here are some reverse French manicures you might like!

1. Dripping In Diamonds


When you want to stay classy and sparkling, you need diamonds! You can line your nailbed with these dainty diamonds and create a sparkling reverse French manicure!

2. Pretty In Pastel


Like the classic pastel tips that were so popular during Easter, the reverse is looking pretty sensational! You can mix it up with different pastel shades, and it looks stunning on a nude background!

3. Classic Nude


There’s nothing better than the classic French set, a French manicure reverse! It’s a great choice for someone who likes to stay on the safe side and leave the color to those who love to experiment!

4. Polka Dot Moons


These polka dot moons will leave your nails looking out of this world! They’re also super easy to pull off by yourself right at home!

5. Moons


These moons will add a little pop to your color for the summer! You can add them to beautiful bold colors for a taste of the reverse French manicure in your favorite shade!

6. Double-Sided French


There’s a French tip and a reverse French manicure combined for a girl who needs it all. Because when you can’t make a choice, you should get both!

7. Glitter Girls


For the girls who love to sparkle, add shimmer to your nail beds with a cute, reverse French glitter manicure! Your manicure can be as lively as you are in your favorite glitter shade!

8. Everything Is Better In Black


Everything does look better in black, even your reverse French manicure. You can even create a little white ring around your moon if you want to be extra!

9. Kylie Drip


The dripping paint look is a cute nail trend, and we’ve loved it! You can wear it in a range of colors or even go with a specific shade, but the more colorful for summer, the better!

10. Pastel Moons


Adding pastel moons to your nail beds on a neutral background is perfect for summer! So what are you waiting for?

Get your nails ready for your coffee dates and bikini sets! It’s going to be a summer you want to remember!