Exploring The Things To Know About EMS Training

Jun 25, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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We need to exercise; it’s important for our health. To see results we have to spend a lot of time in the gym. But what if you can get all the benefits of a three-hour-long workout in 20-minutes?


There’s a new fitness sensation that can stretch your workout for results! All you need to do is get hooked up to an electric machine!


It’s called electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), and it delivers electrical impulses to your muscles. Your muscles already have electrical impulses, but EMS helps intensify those impulses to make your workout so much better!

You just have to get strapped into a suit fitted with electrode pads that’ll help stimulate the muscle groups while you work out. These suits are fitted with electrode pads that stimulate the muscles during the workout.


Physical therapists have used EMS workouts to help rehabilitate patients who have lost muscle mass due to injury. When you’re healing and getting plenty of rest, your muscles don’t get a lot of work, especially when you’ve broken a bone or even torn a muscle.

It looks a bit futuristic, and it might sound like it’ll hurt, but it sounds a lot worse than it feels! The impulses feel more like a vibration on your muscle.


When you exercise, you contract your muscles, and with the EMS machine, the contraction is intensified. The exercises feel more difficult to do, almost as if you’re working out with some resistance.

Before trying out an EMS workout, you’ll need to speak to your doctor to find out if it’s safe for you. It’s dangerous for people with pacemakers, epilepsy, and dangerous during pregnancy!


Using EMS equipment can be dangerous because of the electricity used. There’s a risk of electrocution, burns, or even bruising.

The benefit of an EMS workout is that it can give you the result of a three-hour workout in just 20-minutes. And your muscles are stimulated through strengthening exercises to help grow your muscles.


The best and safest way to do an EMS workout would be in a professional setting with a professional trainer. Using home devices might not work effectively and won’t give you the same results as the EMS equipment used by a professional.

If your doctor gives you the all-clear, it’s a great workout to try out. You might even like it better than your regular hour-long gym session!