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Exploring Twin Flame Relationships


September 01, 2021

Being in a romantic relationship with someone is one of the best feelings in the world. You are caught up in a bubble where it is just the two of you, and you have each other’s back no matter the situation.

However, for some people, romantic relationships are much more complicated than that. There are moments when you are tearing your hair out and feel as if you have officially lost the plot entirely if you’re experiencing something like this. 

Twin flame relationships are some of the most tumultuous relationships that we will ever experience, and WomanlyLive is here to tell you what they’re all about. 

What Is A Twin Flame?

Throughout your life, you have probably heard the term ‘Soulmate’ being thrown around, most likely by that girl you went to high school with that became obsessed with every single boy she ever dated. 

Soulmates have become a generalized term for anybody who seems to ‘get’ you on a soul level. A person who understands what you’re saying without you explaining yourself and someone with whom you share many opinions and experiences.

Twin flames are similar to soulmates in that you will feel a deep connection with the person. Still, they are different from soulmates in that the relationship that you will have with your twin flame will feel much more intense than any other relationship you’ve ever had, soulmate or otherwise. 


Twin flame relationships are some of the most intense and chaotic relationships ever because of the nature of the connection. It is a deeper connection than most people will ever feel, and because of this, the relationship feels deeply spiritual. 

Each twin flame relationship has definite stages to it, and no matter what kind of connection you have with your twin flame, you will go through these stages. To be exact, there are eight stages in a twin flame relationship.

The stages of a twin flame relationship are; yearning, meeting, the honeymoon phase, challenges, tests, the chase, the surrender, coming home. Each twin flame relationship must go through each of these phases to teach each partner what they need to know. 


In a twin flame relationship, you will feel one of the deepest and most instant connections that you ever have in your life. Every relationship before and after your twin flame will likely pale in comparison in terms of connection. 

Twin flames bring out both the best and the worst in you. They will complement your character in a way that nobody else has, but you will also be hyper-aware of one another’s flaws and draw attention to them in some of the worst ways.

You will know that you have met your twin flame when your soul feels as though it is both the safest that it has ever been and is being torn apart at the same time. You won’t always end up spending your life with your twin flame, though. Sometimes all your twin flame does it come to teach you about yourself in a way that nobody else could. 


Bottom Line

If you’re in an incredibly tumultuous relationship that has you both on top of the world and feeling like you’ve lost your mind, you have most likely found your twin flame. Congratulations! Some people never get to meet their twin flames. 

It is a challenging relationship to be in, but take the time to fully immerse yourself in the relationship and find out what it came to teach you to become the best version of yourself.