Ezra Furman Comes Out As Transgender

Apr 29, 2021
02:00 P.M.
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Ezra Furman has come out as a transgender mom and has been for the past two years! It wasn’t an easy journey, but she is now one of a few transparent role models.


Ezra Furman is an indie folk-rock musician well known for writing the song “Love You So Bad” for Netflix’s Sex Education with her band Ezra and the Harpoons. In her Instagram post, in which she revealed that she is transgender, she also spoke about the joys of parenthood!

It’s not that easy for her to throw the term ‘woman’ around loosely because sometimes she still feels she’s non-binary. But over the last two years, she has embraced becoming a trans woman for all that it is!

Coming Out


She’s chosen to come out as a trans mom because she felt like there has been a lack of representation and role models to look up to. Being part of the LGBTQ+ community has not always been easy in the past.

Many had to hide their identities in fear of the community’s reaction, as well as fear for their own lives because society wasn’t accepting. Now that society has opened up, even with the small amount of backlash the LGBTQ+ community gets, it is a lot easier!


Her representation of a trans mom is proof enough that you can go on to live as a happy adult with a family! Proving to the transgender community and even the haters that there is success in life if you honor who you are!

“When our baby was born, I had approximately zero examples that I had seen of trans women raising children. So here’s one for anyone who wants to see one: I’m a trans woman and a mom.” Says Ezra Furman.

As a transgender parent, she’s most definitely opening the closet doors and inspiring those who have hidden all this time to do the same! Trans people deserve to live their truth just as much as we all do!

Even with the trials of parenthood and being trans, she has still managed to make music and promises us some new content very soon! For anyone needing some transparent inspiration, Ezra is your MOM!