From 'Pacman 30th Anniversary' To 'Dr. Who': Here Are 5 Google Doodles You Can Still Play

Oct 15, 2020
01:39 A.M.
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Google is not only the most popular search engine in the world; it is also the most fun to visit. The animated Google doodles make our simple research experiences so much more enjoyable.


User experience is vital for the success of any application or website. Google has one of the best user experience designs ever made for search engines.

Site visitors can watch cute animated doodles and even play games on the Google homepage. We've collated a list of five of the best google doodle games that you can still play after an entire decade.

Pacman 30th Anniversary


The 30th Anniversary of Pacman started the interactive Google doodle craze. This doodle was the first playable Google animation and was created in 2010 for the 30th anniversary of Pacman.

The doodle is a classic game of Pacman, and it received rave reviews from users. Google planned on making this a once-off interactive feature, but the positive feedback inspired more playable logos.

The Great Ghoul Duel

The Great Ghoul Duel is Google's first multiplayer doodle and made its first appearance in 2018. Google presented this game as a Halloween special that allowed players to participate in two teams of four.


To win this game, players have to collect as many 'spirit flames' as possible within a specific time limit. This game has various maps that keep replayability interesting for returning players.

Pangolin Love

Google gifted us the Pangolin Love doodle for Valentine's Day in 2017. In true Google fashion, the game served a didactic purpose and brought attention to pangolins' illegal trade to users worldwide.


The game consists of an adventure where they control a pangolin who collects objects to give to his lover. The four different species of pangolin inspired the various items gathered.

Ludwig Van Beethoven's 245th Year

Google's team created this puzzle game in 2015 for the 245th anniversary of Beethoven's baptism. This exciting blast from the past game follows Beethoven, who must make his way to the symphony hall.

In the game, Beethoven overcomes obstacles and reassembles sheet music to his most excellent compositions. Classical music lovers will love this playful and melodic problem-solving activity.

Summer Olympics 2012

Google released four Olympics themed interactive logos in 2012. Each logo featured a different sport that features at the Olympics.

Featured sports were soccer, basketball, canoeing, and hurdles. Every sport had different challenges and obstacles to make each play unique and exciting for the user.