GOT7 Opens Up About Their Recent Comeback & New Album, “Breath of Love: Last Piece”

Dec 21, 2020
04:30 P.M.
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The K-pop band GOT7 talk about their recent comeback and including what each of them has been getting up to while they were away.


This year has presented many challenges and artists have not been an exception. Despite that, there are still moments of amazing collaboration and growth.

These are the sentiments of K-pop group GOT7 who are staging a highly anticipated comeback with their newest musical album called "Breath of Love: Last Piece." In an interview with Teen Vogue, they share a bit about their experience.


 (Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage)

(Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage)


The K-pop group GOT7 initially emerged in 2014, introducing the masses to hip-hop- infused sound that deals with themes around love and self-expression.

Time has brought about a sense of growth for the group as the group chooses to showcase their individual personas in their comeback album. In addition to time, they’ve each spent some time working on individual projects in different spaces before coming reuniting for their current album.

Individual Projects

(Photo by Unioncom/Visual China Group via Getty Images)

(Photo by Unioncom/Visual China Group via Getty Images)


Though they come together as a collective to form what we know as GOT7, the group’s members have their flair and a unique talent to bring to the table to contribute to the eclectic image. Over the past months, they’ve each dabbled in their separate interests.

Jackson released an EP last year and established a lifestyle brand called Team Wang while Jinyoung pursued his acting passion. The lead, JB, has spent time honing his songwriting and producing abilities across several projects. Other members have ventured into exciting paths such as modeling or DJing, but they’ve all essentially stuck to their creative sides, but now they’re back together.

GOT7 Is Making A Comeback


On November 9, GOT7 dropped their official comeback poster on Twitter. The poster revealed that the K-Pop group would be dropping a new album.

GOT7 gave fans a little something to whet their appetites. The group dropped a pre-release track titled “Breath” on November 23 in anticipation of the album itself, which later dropped on November 30.

‘Breath of Love: Last Piece’

The group releases another project title “Breath of Love: Last Piece” In a year that’s posed many challenges for some creatives, the group is particularly excited to let their fans experience this new project.


“I thought it was natural to participate and compose our own songs rather than putting in songs that other composers made for us in the album. There’s so many amazing composers, but it is quite special to have a song made of each of us.”

BamBam says.

The Challenges They’ve Faced in 2020


In the face of adversity and adapting to performing for open seats, the group feels that they’ve deepened their relationship with fans who have rallied behind them in support.

Not only has the pandemic brought about growth, but in an interview with Teen Vogue, the group categorizes the last six years together as a time of “intense growth” both personally and professionally.

“I think those past years helped me learn who I am. I've been emphasizing the existence of ‘I,’ but it seems like I have been living a life for others, not myself. Of course, it was the path I decided and walked on, but sometimes I was frustrated. What I’ve realized is that music, art, or whatever can only exist when the mindset of trying to know who I actually am comes first.”

Jinyoung says.