Huda Kattan Opens Up About Hair Loss Journey

Jun 03, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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Hair occurs for various reasons and is a fairly common phenomenon for many people of different ages. Beauty expert Huda Kattan has opened up about one of her main beauty concerns being hair loss which she first noticed in her early 20s.


Huda Kattan is a formidable force in the beauty industry. The blogger turned celebrity makeup artist and founder of Huda Beauty has amassed an outstanding following on social media, including 48.5 million Instagram followers.

Also, her Youtube channel has 4.15 million subscribers to whom she shared the tips and tricks about how she's addressed her balding.

Kattan's Hair Loss Story

Huda mentioned that she used to apply eyeshadow to try and hide the balding after she noticed thinning. Despite feeling scared to admit her hair loss, she adjusted her regimen, adopting gentle products and haircare practices that helped her address her hair thinning.


However, in her mid-30s, she noticed the baldness return. She mentions that after wearing a heavy faux ponytail hairstyle, her hairstylist took down the hairstyle and came off with some of her hair. The mogul revealed traction alopecia caused the hair loss from wearing the same style repeatedly.


Kattan reveals that this caused her to take extra precautions. From microneedling to taking supplements, she started to notice that her efforts were not in vain.

Her Main Tips For Addressing Balding


While not exactly a long-term solution, Kattan covered up small patches with eye shadow. She says in the video that sometimes she'd mix it with keratin or hair growth serum to assist the hair growth.


Scalp care was another important point for the beauty entrepreneur who used both topical and ingestible vitamins. Laying off on styling products and blowouts also helped her. Kattan also mentions that she can no longer dye her hair.

Talking About Hair Loss In Women


Kattan has been vocal about dismantling some of the unrealistic beauty standards that women are subjected to. Kattan wants to open up conversations about taboo topics from editing and filters to homogenous expectations of facial and body hair. In an interview with "Byrdie," she highlights that things are only taboo when they're not openly spoken about.

"Things are only taboo when we keep the conversations to ourselves and accept stereotypes and the status quo as-is, which is why I took it to my YouTube channel to address my recent hair loss experience."

Kattan revealed.