Inside Kylie Jenner’s Insane Car Collection

Feb 21, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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What do billionaires collect? For some, it's purses or diamonds. But if you're like Kylie Jenner, then you want mansions and cars of course.


Even before she hit billionaire status, the younger Jenner sister was seen out and about in Hollywood (and all over IG) in ridiculously priced luxury cars. If you’ve been driving around in $125 000 G-Wagons since you were 15, you wouldn’t settle for anything short of amazing when it came to buying your own cars.

While some of them are gifts, the makeup mogul has no problem spoiling herself with the best luxury cars out there. Whether she’s rolling around town in her Bugatti or her Rolls Royce, take a look at her dream-worthy fleet.



1 of 499 ever made, Travis’ foreign sports car push-present cost him about $1.4 million. Imagine taking that to Jamba Juice!

Ferrari 488 Spider


Ever bought a car to twin with your sibling? Me neither, the same can’t be said for Kylie. Back in 2016, she spent $350 000+ on this sports car to match with her older sister Kendall.

Vintage Rolls Royce


Another Travis Scott gift, Kylie received this dazzling white Rolls Royce for her 21st birthday from her then-boyfriend. Since it was probably bought from a classic car dealer, there’s no telling how much the rapper dropped on this sweet ride.

Lamborghini Aventador


A favorite among celebs in Hollywood, the Roadster SV costs around $400 000.

The bright orange color actually inspired the re-spray of some of her other cars “just for the summer”

Mercedes AMG G63


Not the only Mercedes in her fleet, Kylie resprayed the truck to match her Aventador. The Merc itself costs about $150 000, throw in a luxury paint job and she easily spent $160 000+ on the car.

Mercedes G-Wagon


We haven’t seen much of the maroon G-Wagon since it was bought in 2017 but since Kylie has no problem re-spraying her cars, there’s no guarantee that it’s not still camouflaged in her fleet. Her new tan g-wagon is said to cost $130 000.

Rolls Royce Wraith


Kylie’s icy blue dream car costs about $320 000 and that’s probably before she got it customized to suit her tastes. While Rolls Royces are incredibly pricey, the star has a similar taupe Rolls Royce that probably cost $315 000.

Bugatti Chiron

Unfortunately, the reality star took the original video of her $3 million dollar whip off IG since she was accused of showing off her wealth. Regardless, this list would be nothing if we didn’t add her most expensive car to it.