Instagram Accounts To Follow For Old House Style Inspiration

Old houses have a classic, vintage vibe which only gets better with time. From awe-inspiring craftsmanship to eye-catching designs, it’s hard not to fall in love with the impeccable displays of historic homes. 

Whether you’ve wanted an old house for yourself or merely have an eye for beauty, social media is the one place to satisfy your thirst for antiquity. While these homes can sometimes break your bank, vintage lovers still love to stray a little farther because it’s worth it. 

Instagram has become the home for many interior designers and home decor accounts, including some dedicated to charming ancient homes and their architecture. Scroll down to find the best Instagram accounts you can follow for old house inspiration. 

The Victorian Farmhouse @thevictorianfarmhousee 

This IG account features iconic structural details and stellar photographs of the interior and exterior of old houses. The owners are dedicated to the refurbishment of their 1892 Wisco farmhouse, and the shots are breathtaking. 

BrewCityFoursquare @brewcityfoursquare 

This historic-themed account is run by two history buffs, Alicia and Zach Milwaukee, who are working to restore their 1913 prairie-style home. The account is committed to sharing glimpses from their vintage decor, with intrinsic details and iconic imagery. 

David L’Hoste @davidlhoste 

David L’Hoste is a photographer based in New Orleans who captures mesmerizing architectures and exquisite landscapes. His account features some of the most charming cottage, victorian, greek, and nineteenth-century houses. 

Deb Cohen @thefrontdoorproject 

Deb Cohen is a real estate agent in New England and an old house enthusiast. She shares stunning imagery, from victorian and colonial-style homes to the landscape and greenery surrounding them. 

What Style Is That @what_style_is_that 

Take your much-needed lesson in history by following this IG account. It features gorgeous old homes and architectural designs, covering details and information about the era they belong to, so you know precisely what you’re looking at. 

Cheap Old House @cheapoldhouses 

As the name suggests, this IG account displays breathtakingly beautiful old houses alongside their prices for people interested in buying them. The price point includes options starting from $1000, going all the way over $100,000. 

House Tours @housetouring 

House Tours lets you take a virtual tour of all the magical old houses, captured by an iPhone user’s camera. This IG account must follow for people who love to see historical architectural pieces through a camera lens. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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