Intriguing Bridal Traditions From Around The World

Wedding celebrations may be a global practice, but they all take up different forms and traditions. There are popular bridal customs that most of us know of, and there are so many more to explore. 

Celebrating love and the union of marriage is done globally, but not always in the same ways. Some practices are weird, some are sweet, and others are strange, but they all have the same goal. 

You may be interested in doing something unique for your wedding or are just curious to learn something new. Either way, take a look at our list of intriguing bridal and wedding traditions from around the world. 

Hold It In

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Indonesian newlywed couples in Borneo know a thing or two when it comes to self-isolating. These couples have to bond and stay in their homes for three days, except there’s a twist. They can’t use the loo. 

Protective Charms

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Norwegian brides have to wear a silver and gold crown decorated with small dangling charms. When the bride moves, the charms make a sound supposed to stop evil spirits from reaching the bride. 

All Tied Up

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Mexican couples wear a lasso made of flowers and rosary beads while sharing their vows at the wedding. The loop is draped in the shape of the infinity symbol and represents the everlasting union. 

Potty Champagne 

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French newlyweds eat chocolate and drink champagne from a toilet bowl after their reception. This tradition gives them strength on the wedding night but may result in a stomach ache instead. 

Breaking Bread

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In Armenia, couples have to balance lavash flatbread on their shoulders to deflect evil spirits from their marriage. The love birds also break a plate for good luck and eat honey to symbolize their happiness too.  

A Serious Matter

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Congolese couples are not allowed to smile during their wedding ceremony, no matter how happy they are. Their traditions state that they are not serious about their union if they show any sign of delight on the day. 

A Whale’s Tooth

Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

In Fiji, the groom must present his future father in law with a whale’s tooth when asking to marry his daughter. This gift is a sign of respect, but it sure seems a bit extreme for every man to go through. 

Watch The Throne

Photo by Alex Simpson on Unsplash

Chinese brides sit in an elaborately ornamented chair on their way to the groom’s home. She is also guarded by a lady who brings good luck during this journey while other attendants throw rice at the bride. 

The Place To Elope

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The marriage between English couples who were under 21 was forbidden, driving young couples to Scotland. Gretna Green village in Scotland is still known as a popular place to elope after centuries. 

Party After Party

Photo by Thomas William on Unsplash

Wedding celebrations in Lebanon are rowdy and attract musicians and professional dancers. The parties take place at the bride and groom’s homes until it moves to the bride’s home, where she’s showered with gifts.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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