Kim Kardashian Will Keep The $40million Home She Built With Kanye After The Divorce

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce is confirmed, and the couple is moving on with proceedings. The pair share four children, a ranch in Wyoming, and a $40 million L.A home. 

Kimye fans get more heartbroken every day as they realize that things are really over between the couple. It has barely been two weeks since reports confirmed the divorce, and it seems the pair is moving swiftly along. 

When the public first heard of the divorce, many speculated about how the couple would split their assets. Read more to find out how the pair came to an agreement about Kim keeping the Hidden Hills house. 

Inside The $40 million Property 

Kim and Kanye purchased their Hidden Hills home in 2014 for $20million. The couple enlisted iconic designer Alex Vervoordt to help with the new house’s transformation, which Kanye spearheaded. 

“We didn’t talk about decoration but a kind of philosophy about how we live now and how we will live in the future. We changed the house by purifying it, and we kept pushing to make it purer and purer,”

Says Alex Vervoordt

Kim and Kanye spent $20 million on renovations to make the home unique to their lifestyles and needs. The minimalist oasis has gained a lot of attention from the public and has even been featured in Architectural Digest. 

Other features like the home’s sprawling hallway and flat-surfaced sinks drew in attention from design lovers. The couple kept the home interior design minimalistic to counter their busy and anxiety-filled lives.

Kim Is Staying Put

Kim reportedly filed for divorce on 19 February and cited irreconcilable differences for the split. Over the past year, Kim stayed in the Calabasas home with her four children while Kanye spent most of his time in Wyoming.  

Although the divorce filing happened recently, the couple is moving quickly with their proceedings. Recent developments from the divorce suggest that Kim will be staying in the home that she and her ex built. 

Kim will get the house amidst the divorce, so she and Kanye’s children have stability. All four children have spent their lives in the home that is very close to most of Kim’s family, such as her mom, Kris Jenner. 

What Will Happen To Kanye

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Kanye reportedly has fewer ties in Los Angeles than Kim and has been able to stay in Wyoming for months. The rapper bought the 9000-acre ranch in 2019, where the children have visited frequently. 

Although there are no confirmations that he will get the ranch, he has stayed there so far. Insiders close to Kanye told Us Magazine that he has been focusing on work while staying in Wyoming. 

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They also revealed that the icon has been struggling with his split, even though he was prepared for it. Kanye has always expressed that Kim was his dream girl, making the amicable breakup harder on him. 

Fortunately, Kanye has all the resources in the world to seek help when he needs it. He also has millions of dollars worth of assets to his name and the company of 14 Friesian horses at his beautiful ranch.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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