Lady Gaga's Makeup Artist Sarah Tanno Releases A Line Of Makeup Organizers

Mar 10, 2021
07:00 A.M.
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Every makeup lover’s beauty cabinet looks like a hot mess on more occasions than they’d love to admit. Organizing and reorganizing your makeup collection needs some help from a professional.

We can’t all be super neat and organized people with perfect cabinets all the time. This is especially an issue for makeup lovers who have tons and tons of products to store without suitable space.

Professional makeup artists don’t have the luxury of slacking with their organizational skills, so they find a plan. Lady Gaga’s makeup artist Sarah Tanno shares some of her secrets with a line of makeup organizers.

Product Inspiration

Sarah Tanno has been conceptualizing makeup looks for one of the world’s biggest stars for a decade. Tanno shares that the secret to her creativity and excellent work is a well-organized makeup collection.

“I am so passionate about containers and organizing because it’s part of my job; I really feel like I leave more room for my creativity if I can just stay organized,”

Says Sarah Tanno

Sarah used her experience as a beauty professional to develop her collection of beauty organizers. As a makeup artist, she understands that containers need to be visually cohesive and customizable.

The most exciting element about the new makeup organizing package is that it will fit all of your products. Tanno knows from her experience that some products have odd shapes and varying sizes that she caters to.

A Breakdown Of The Organizers

Sarah’s makeup organizers consist of a 28 piece collection of clear and transparent black containers. The plastic organizers are made from recycled plastic and are available to purchase exclusively on Amazon.

“They can stack and click into each other, so if you need to build up or you need to build wide, it doesn’t matter; we’ll have a situation for you that works.”

Says Sarah Tanno

Some of the pieces include a lazy susan style carousel, drawers, grid-based holders, and racks. You can customize the pieces to your preference by sticking them together, no matter what parts you put together.

De-Cluttering Your Space

In addition to making your collection look visually appealing, the organizers serve many practical functions. The makeup organizers can also help you figure out which items you no longer need in your collection.

Tanno reveals that the makeup organizers make the task of throwing out old products much easier for her assistant. Everything is on display, making it an effortless task for anyone to go through the products.

“If things are going to be expiring within the next six months, she’ll put them in a certain area, so I know if that I’m going to try this product, I have to do it soon, or I donate it to a shelter. If it’s getting close to that date, I throw it out.”

Says Sarah Tanno

You can also use the organizers for accessories and other items you need to be packed away neatly. The collection, made in collaboration with iDesign, will expand in the summer, so look forward to more decluttering.

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