LeAnn Rimes Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles & How Music Helped Her

Apr 02, 2021
11:00 A.M.
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LeAnn Rimes is getting candid about her mental health struggles. The country music star is opening up about her mental battles eight years after committing herself to a mental health facility.


After her 30th birthday and only a year into her marriage to actor Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes checked into a mental health facility where she spent 30 days working on her crippling depression and anxiety.

Rimes is opening up in conjunction with People as part of their Let's Talk About It initiative. More so, the country music star is speaking out to take away shame from the topic of mental health.

Early Fame and Struggles


Rimes has been in the public eye since she was 14 years old. By then, the star had 2 Grammy's to her name. However, behind her success and fame, Rimes was already struggling to cope. The star explained saying,

"I had to be LeAnn Rimes, the entity, not LeAnn Rimes, the person. I was very fragmented."

LeAnn Rimes

Moreover, Rimes' mental health faced another blow when she was much older. The star's parents underwent a bitter divorce. It was also followed up by a lawsuit from her father, Wilbur. However, Rimes' problems were not yet over.

LeAnn Rimes Divorce


In 2010 the musician faced a painful divorce from ex-husband, dancer Dean Sheremet. Furthermore, the divorce was met with public scrutiny due to her romantic connection to her current husband, Eddie Cibrian.

What followed after was tabloid press, even more scrutiny, paparazzi, and a loss of privacy. Rimes even added that she was the victim of fabricated stories and was attacked in the press for her relationship with Cibrian.

Seeking Help


The weight and pressure took a toll, and Rimes found herself facing panic attacks, trouble sleeping as well as dark negative thoughts. However, Rimes had a supportive group around her who suggested that she seek help. After her 30th birthday, she did just that.

"Eddie and my friends and those close to me experienced pain through my eyes. They weren't exempt from it."


On her first night, Rimes immediately noticed her codependency. Furthermore, she recognized that despite all her underlying issues, she needed healing. She attended weekly therapy but later extended the scope of her self-care.

Music As Therapy


Rimes found that talking therapy was not enough for her and found different healing options such as breath work, meditation, mindfulness, and energy work. The star now focused on her daily check-ins to find balance.

Rimes has also described herself as a feeling artist. Music has been the space where Rimes said she could fully express herself. This is witnessed in her Love Sessions. A musical series that sees her cover popular love songs every Friday.

Rimes On Using Her Voice


To date, the star has covered Selena Gomez to Bon Iver with the intention of awakening powerful emotion in the heart of her listeners. When Rimes covers the songs, she searches for ways to shine a little light in all of us.

For those seeking help, Rimes, and People have also partnered up with Crisis Text Line, a service that provides round-the-clock support from trained counselors. Lastly, the Let's Talk About It Initiative seeks to encourage vital conversations surrounding mental health.

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