Men's Style Guide: 5 Rules To Match The Right Accessories

Mar 23, 2021
06:00 P.M.
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You may think that accessories are 'disconnected' from the colors of your outfit, but you are wrong. Everything and we emphasize everything is linked to everything you choose to wear, even the accessories.


The colors influence the choice of the latter and the fabrics, fundamental for creating trendy combinations. There are basic rules universally valid for not making mistakes on men's fashion accessories.

Over the years, the sartorial look has also known its small revolutions, and the commandments of elegance today have rules, which is better to follow in any case. Style is superior to truth because it carries within itself the demonstration of existence.

1. The Men's Watch


The rule of matching your watch to your outfit is to have a common theme. It is best if you keep your accessories and formality level consistent. Having only one watch means picking one that matches a variety of dress codes.

This accessory must always match the belt buckle. The wristwatch always determines the other accessories’ shades that you decide to wear, but remember that the watch’s body must first match and be inspired by the belt buckle, which should also match the shoes.

2. Metal Or Leather Bracelets


The bracelets are super trendy accessories for the modern man. The bracelets must (or should) be worn in the free arm of the watch and must necessarily match it. For example, if made of metal, they must match the metal of the watch body.

If you are a man with arms full of bracelets, remember to combine metals and leather to create innovative and imaginative contrasts. This keeps your arm looking like an arm candy that people will always admire.

3. Rings And Necklaces


The men's ring is back in fashion among young and old alike. Also, it is appropriate to match the metal of these accessories to the watch in this case. The situation is different for the necklaces.

There are many brands that in recent months have introduced many men's necklaces on the market. In this case, our suggestions always point in the same direction: combine colors and shapes with other accessories, but with a small exception made for religious necklaces, which do not always have to respect the canons of the perfect outfit.

4. Men's Earrings


Keep in mind that shiny accents inherently draw the eye, so wear it somewhere that can carry the weight of that. Simple is generally better.

Men's earrings can have very different sizes and shapes, but the trick here is to maintain your outfit’s overall aesthetics. But what to combine them with? Obviously, on the clock. Don't tell us you've already forgotten the first rule of this article!

5. Leather Bags


The leather bag always strikes the eyes and has a way of putting an entire look together. This is an essential accessory in the modern man’s outfit, engaged in his work or intent on spending free time with his friends.

But how does a bag also in leather match the clothes you wear? In reality, contrary to what you think, the stock exchange has no fees to respect. It may deviate from what you choose to wear in your outfit and accessories. It has a sort of pass, but the important thing is that it is of good quality.