Misho Designs Jeweller Creates Innovative Earrings Designed To Hold Airpods

Oct 15, 2020
01:31 A.M.
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AirPods were all the talk when they were first released. Everyone who had a pair would flex their earpieces whenever and wherever they got a chance to do so.


The AirPod hype has since died down for many reasons. Several people have complained about how easy the tiny tech pieces are to lose and how often they fall out of ears.

AirPods have proven to be a little impractical for many users because of their loose fit to the ear. A jewelry designer recently came up with a standard AirPod issue solution, and we found it super interesting.

The Misho Airpod Earrings


Misho Designs is a minimalist jewelry brand that was created by Suhani Parekh. Celebrities such as Rihanna and Kendall Jenner love the unique and delicate jewelry items offered by the brand.

Suhani recently revealed her newest intricate jewelry innovation that is the answer to many prayers. The earrings, which are available in two designs, hold AirPods in place and eliminate the risk of losing them.

The Genius Behind The Madness


We would deem the unparalleled earring design as unnecessary if it existed five years ago. The functional jewelry item seems like a ridiculous concept first, but we must admit that it’s pure genius.

Apple sold an estimate of 60 million pairs of AirPods in 2019, giving Misho a broad market to infiltrate. Suhani also took from her experiences with losing AirPods to create a concept that will help many.

A New World Of Airpod Bling


The Misho Designs airpod earrings are sculptural pieces made in a selection of precious metals. The sleek items are a perfect accessory with or without the Apple AirPods in your ears.

Suhani reveals that the earrings fit most wireless earphone devices, but work best with Apple’s AirPods. This detail opens up a whole new world for functional jewelry for other wireless earphone brands.

More Functional Jewelry Items


Although Misho’s innovation is undoubtedly incredible, a Twitter user may have inspired the smart model. A 22-year-old woman named Gabrielle Reilly shared a video of her dangly earrings with AirPods attached.

Reilly called her innovation “airings” and created them as a way to keep track of her wireless headsets. The video tweet went viral in January 2019, and Gabrielle has been selling her creation online ever since.

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