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Moon Water: Exploring How To Make & Use It


June 06, 2021

There is power in the Moon. This is a fact widely agreed on by astrologers, witches, and mystics. As one of the two luminaries in the sky, the Moon is widely believed to be a potent place of magic and manifestation.   

The Moon rules over the intuitive aspects of the self and reflects our wax and wane. Therefore tapping into this ancient energy, you align yourself with the Moon. There is no better way to do this than with moon water.

Moon Water has had time to sit under the light of the full Moon. As a result, it soaks up its power can. You can, in turn, harness this power by drinking it, bathing in it, or spritzing your home to kick out bad vibes and empower yourself for the new month ahead. However, don’t just put a glass of water out; you’ll need a couple of supplies and a little know-how. Let’s get into it below.

Do’s and Don’t of Moon Water

The one thing you must remember is not to make Moon water under a lunar eclipse. It’s counterproductive as eclipses are dark and will reveal our shadows thereby, making it a time to release, not harness. Eclipse energy overpowers lunar energy.

Moreover, you can make Moon water under any phase the Moon is in. However, the Moon is most potent when it’s full. You may consult an astrologer to check which zodiac the Moon is in, or you can check it out for yourself. Doing so will keep you clued into the energy that will affect the water.

Choose an Appropriate Container 

You can choose and any of your mason jars, but you can also have some fun with it and choose something reflective of the intention you wish to set. Think vintage glassware or your favorite mug.

You can use fresh rainwater to fill your jar. However, if you intend to drink your Moon water, you want to ensure that you use water that’s safe to drink. Also, do not be afraid to cover your water. The Moon will still reach it, and even better, the water will be clean.

Surround your Container with Crystals

If you want to give your Moon water some additional power, you can include crystals to charge it with specific energies. Place your favorite crystals on top of your jar boost for an extra boost.

Place Your Jar Directly Under Moonlight

Making your Moon water directly under the moonlight is ideal. In that case, outside placement is preferred. However, if you are not in a position to put your jar outdoors, you can always place it near a window or on your patio or any other place it shall be exposed to moonlight.

Say an Affirmation


Great, now everything is set. Use this time to set your intention. It’s good practice to set your intention according to the zodiac sign the full Moon is in. This way, you can work together with the energy of the cycle and leave it overnight.

Use Your Moon Water However You See Fit

Congratulations! Your Moon water is charged and ready to go. There are very many ways you can use your water. Drink it straight or boil it and use it for your next cup of tea. Anoint yourself or spray your plants with it. The uses are endless, but the end goal is to have your intention work for you.