Nail Artist Creates Ring That Doubles As Makeup Palette

Feb 19, 2021
03:22 P.M.
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Makeup artists can go through several palettes within a year which is wasteful and expensive. Nail artist Betina Goldstein worked to combat this issue and created an innovative alternative that we love.


As a lover of shiny and expensive-looking objects, I must say I’m impressed by Betina Goldstein’s latest creation. The nail artist offers an innovative and stylish alternative to the traditional makeup palettes.

Betina’s creative ring solution is perfect for nail artists who use palettes for their nail art and fashionistas. Read more to explore further details about the beautiful and intricate yet practical ring palette creation.

Doublemoss Arte’s Double Use Ring


Doublemoss Arte is a luxury beauty tool and product line created by Betina Goldstein. The nail artist designs the products and tools available in the Doublemoss Arte collection inspired by her work experiences.

“I wanted artists to feel confident that their tools are there to support their creations, not get in the way, while also making them feel special while using them,”

Says Betina Goldstein


The artist palette ring is the latest design from her line that has caught every beauty lover’s attention. Like her other designs, Betina created the delicate masterpiece to provide a longer-lasting beauty tool option.

The Ring’s Details


The artist palette ring is a luxury solid brass accessory designed for the beauty professional. Beauty artists can store nail polish, eyelash glue, and other makeup items on the piece, making it a gorgeous palette.

The delicate piece’s design features embellishment with two wells where the product would be. Brass is also easy to clean and durable enough for its intended use as a beauty product palette.


Additionally, from offering a somewhat hands-free makeup and nail art experience, the ring is also adjustable. The ring’s band can fit USA ring sizes 4 to 11 with an easy squeeze to adjust.

Everyone’s Welcome


Most non-professional beauty lovers may feel intimidated by some beauty tools but need them just as much. A traditional palette is too bulky for everyday women’s collections, even though they might need one.

Doublemoss Arte’s palette ring solves the issue of bulkiness and intimidation for these women. The beautiful brass ring is a fantastic accessory that many women will be drawn to for fashion.

The brand also has regular jewelry pieces and accessories if you love the design and not the functionality. Either way, we love that this beauty professional could merge the best of both worlds for all.