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Negging: The Dating Trend Nobody Asked For


September 04, 2021

Red flags, gaslighting, narcissists vs. empaths, and toxicity. The dating world surely has become quite a minefield to navigate through, and it seems like there is a new dating term each week to warn us against something new.

Knowing all of the dating terms and how to work around them to find a partner worth spending your time and trust on seems impossible, but luckily people are willing to do the work to find out what each term means.

It's us, we're people, and we're here to tell you everything you need to know about the new dating term, 'negging'.

What Is 'Negging'?

If you've ever been with someone that complimented you while insulting you at the same time, you know exactly what 'negging' is, even though you may not have a word in your vocabulary to describe it previously.

You want to be recognized and loved for exactly who you are and what you bring to the table in a relationship. This kind of reassurance is freely given in a healthy relationship, but in a toxic and manipulative relationship, the same is not true.

'Negging' is a term that describes the act of deliberately giving someone a back-handed compliment in an attempt to make them feel small, but like the person giving the compliment is still interested in or attracted to them.


Now that you know what 'negging' is, you are probably anxious to know what the characteristics of 'negging' are so that you can add it to your memory bank of what not to look for in a romantic partner.

Understandably, having terms for all of the toxic dating trends we experience is helpful, but you must also know the characteristics of the trend to understand it fully.

In terms of 'negging,' you should look out for your partner comparing you to others, giving you back-handed compliments, being in constant competition with you, making you feel guilty for voicing your concerns, and claim they're just joking when you say that something upsets you.

Bottom Line


There are so many toxic dating trends that have gained names in the past couple of months, and it doesn't seem like they will be slowing down anytime soon. They have always been around, but they are simply gaining names now by which we can identify them.

If you feel like you are experiencing 'negging' with your partner, it is best to address it with them, and if they do not see it as an issue, it might be time to look into another, healthier relationship.