Neon nails. | Source: Getty Images
Neon nails. | Source: Getty Images

Neon Nail Design Ideas to Try For Your Next Manicure

Manuela Cardiga
Jan 26, 2023
02:15 P.M.
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Add color, brightness, and warmth to your life with dazzling neon nails that promise to transform your next manicure into a festival of style.


Pretty hands and nails are part of looking and feeling good; when we feel down, a manicure can make us feel a lot better about ourselves and the world.

Nothing jazzes up our mood like sizzling hot nails, and the latest trend is neon colors, but if you are thinking about boring solid colors, think again. Neons are here with a million shades and effects to light up your nails.

Neon and white manicure. | Source: Getty Images

Neon and white manicure. | Source: Getty Images


Nail care and grooming should be part of your daily beauty ritual, from shaping your nails to nurturing creams, but once in a while, we want to take things to the next level.

Drop into your favorite nail parlor, and instead of asking for the usual, take a chance and try something new in the neon range. The good thing about neons is that even though they look great with a summer tan, they are just as great at brightening up those gray winter days.

The new trend for natural-looking nails works beautifully with the neon. Scroll down for some striking suggestions on how to take your nails from blah to bold in one move: Neon nail polish!


Clashing Brights

If you don't feel ready to commit to total neon, start with a base in a matching shade, then tip with a blaze of neon. You can do each nail in a different color combination for a bit of fun or stick to just one.


Blinded by the Brights

If you are a "go-big-or-go-home" type, reach for the brightest, boldest shade of Day-Glo lime nail polish you can find and light up your nails with solid neon.


Pastel Flames

If subtlety lights your fire, you may opt for these elegant flickering neon flames over a nude-look undercoat. The effect is delicate and colorful without being garish.


Hot Pink

The heat is on, and why not paint your nails to match that pink Cadillac... Hot neon pink is the way to go, feminine without being frilly, and watermelon-pink nails are fun without being fussy or pretentious.


‘90S Throwbacks

Vintage is in, and so are the 90s, be it the funky shoes or the hairstyles, so why not nait your nails in clear shades, then dash on squares, squiggles, and dashes in vivid contrasting neon.


Hidden Colour

Nature girls who like the great outdoors but still want to look glam will enjoy these camouflage-patterned nails. The white and lime neon nail polish is layered onto a natural base for max effect.


Pastel Sunsets

If you think neons are brash and unromantic, take another look. After all, what can be more romantic than a sunset? These miniature masterpieces bring tropical dreams to your fingertips.


Painterly Strokes

Keep art and creativity at your fingertips with a look that is reminiscent of a contemporary genius' neon pallet. Layer the neon onto a natural base for fascinating nails.


High Vis Ombre

If you are looking for an elegant effect with neons, this is it, This particular look shades from pure neon to a soft pastel of the same shade at the base of the nail.


Barbie Pink

Barbie is synonymous with pink glamour; these nails shade from solid neon pink to transparent. Add sparkle with glitter to the transparency for some extra pizzazz.


Dressed Down Neon

Going neon can be a gradual process, as you can see from these gorgeous orange nails. A natural polish is gradually layered with shades of orange, to the bold neon tips.


Show the Love

Keep your heart at your fingertips and show your Pride with neon rainbow edges to your nails. Use a soft salmon blush base to contrast with the bright neon rainbows.

Electric Lime

Go for broke with uncompromising electric lime neon nail polish. Bold and brash, you won't be overlooked.


Geometrical Neon

Combine the starkness of black and white patterns with the fun of softly fading neons rainbows.


Ombre Watercolour

Start with a blushing natural base, and layer on color, lots of colors, then accentuate with neons. It's a masterpiece at your fingertips.

Neon Confetti

Because every day is a new beginning, celebrate by sprinkling your nails with neon confetti. Start with a natural base, and spray on the neon nail polish to obtain a confetti effect.

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