Nerdy Planters That Make Adorable Gifts

Nov 16, 2020
07:58 A.M.
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Here are some cool planters for some cool people. Whether you geek out for Harry Potter or The Mandalorian, this list has something you’ll like.


The season to be making gift lists for your loved ones is upon us. There's a variety of thoughtful things that you may want to get someone that doesn't feel completely generic.

These planters will bring in some individuality and reflect your (or a friend’s) personal taste. Because butterflies and ladybugs are cute and all, but they get a bit boring.

1. Bulbasaur Planter


Seeing that Balbasaur’s ability is overgrowth, maybe that will mean something good for the plant that gets housed in this planter.

2. D20 Planter


Watch your Dungeon and Dragons( or any other table-top RPGs) loving friend completely geek out over this D20 planter.

3. Death Star Planter


Make your plant at home in a replica of the Empire’s ultimate weapon. Your Star Wars loving friend or relative will love this one for sure.

4. Tamagotchi Planter


Bring joy to the 90s kid in your life who’s utterly gripped by nostalgia. Hopefully, they house their succulent in this one because that’ll definitely survive longer than a Tamagotchi.

5. Baby Yoda Planter


I know I can’t be the only person whose heart turns to custard anytime they see anything with baby Yoda. This must be the most adorable little home for a plant.

6. Mario Warp Pipe Planter


If you have someone in your life who likes the little Italian-American plumber, they might really appreciate this planter over here.


A "Harry Potter" House Planter. There’s a corny joke about pots and plants that I can’t quite put my finger on, but I know it’s there.

8. 'E.T.' planter


Let me offer you a plot twist. An alien is left behind on Earth, and instead of being saved by young Elliot, the alien saves your plant from the fate of a boring orange old planter.

9. Troll Doll Planter


The fact that your plant will look like hair on the little troll will give your planter so much personality. This one makes for an adorable gift.

10. Question Block Planter

Another option for your Mario loving friends and family members so that they can let everyone know how much they love Mario.