Our Pick: The Best Under 25 Minutes Pilates Workouts To Try

Apr 03, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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Thanks to lockdown, all of our escapes have shut down, and it took the Pilates studio with it! While the world moves online, so do Pilates sessions, and we couldn't be happier!


Benefits are endless with Pilates; it helps improve your range of motion and focuses on becoming centered, helps build your concentration, improves your precision and flow, and helps control your breathing. It’s a valuable tool to help calm you during these stressful times.

Virtual classes are a great way to get people started, especially if you get embarrassed easily. It also gives you a chance to build your confidence before doors open and finally go back outside! Here some Pilates workouts to try.

Pilates Workout With Terricka Fitness

Terricka is a fitness instructor that specializes in Pilates classes. You can find links to different free workouts on her webpage, but this one’s the best for beginners.


This is a 20-minute Pilates class designed for beginners. She takes into consideration that many don’t have all the Pilates equipment lying around the house, so she gives you ideas of what you can use in place of things like an exercise ball.

Total Core and Abs Workout With Move With Nicole

Nicole does a 20-minute core and ab workout that you can do; no equipment is needed aside from a mat. You can do this Pilates workout on its own or with another of her full-body workouts.

Something unique about her videos is how her voice calms and soothes you as she encourages you throughout the video. It’s especially great if you’re focused on strengthening your core or if your legs just need a break!


At Home Plus Size Pilates Workout With Latrice Kelly

Many people might feel like Pilates is for a slender body type because that’s usually what you see online all the time. Latrice encourages people of all sizes to take up Pilates because of how relatable her experience is!

Her video is a 16-minute Pilates workout that’s like learning from a friend! And like a friend, she encourages her viewers to talk about challenges they face staying motivated while being locked away.

Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout In Fitness Blender

Kelly does a fantastic 20-minute lower body workout that requires no equipment except for an exercise mat! Her workout is an intermediate level that can be adjusted to either a beginner or advanced level, depending on your capabilities.

She encourages a cardio warm-up before trying this workout to get your muscles ready for all the work you’re about to put in. If you hate doing lunges and squats, this is the perfect butt and thigh workout for you!