Our Pick: The Most Beautiful Nail Art For Different Occasions

Jun 20, 2021
07:00 A.M.
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It's a fact; we won't do the same manicure to celebrate Christmas as to go to a job interview. Quite simply because Christmas colors are brighter than those recommended for the office, so be careful about the signs you send back!


Thus, thanks to the advice and ideas, you will be able to transform yourself into a real knowledgeable nailista, for whom each event is an opportunity to demonstrate all her fashionable potential, but above all as a knowledgeable nailista!

From soft pink nail polish to very elaborate nail art, including topcoats with a thousand reflections and sequins: you will not run out of ideas to dress your hands with elegance and give them a totally innovative look.



You have to take care of your nails to look as professional as possible. And yes, rightly or wrongly, appearance is often taken into account by the employer. So put the odds on your side by betting on a nude or French manicure. Something discreet but clean is needed.



If there is one situation that requires a change of nail art, it is marriage! We recommend soft colors, such as pearly pink or coral. Simple colors that can match your dress without any problem while being chic and discreet. Also, opt for nude shades.



In the collective spirit, Valentine's Day is associated with shades of pink and red. Symbol of love and passion, red gives a sacred touch of glamor to any evening outfit.



The colors of Christmas are usually red, green, and gold for the most part. Incorporate these into your nails as much as you do your home decorations. You can also adorn your nails with a black or dark blue varnish slightly glittery or even a silver or gold nail polish to shine brilliantly.



Whether you have chosen to dress up for the Halloween party or just want a wink to have fun, nail art allows you to express your creativity.

Anyway, there is no question of giving up the makeup to create a terrifying look! Instead, our nails take over and are adorned with scary designs to boost our Halloween costumes without sacrificing their glamorous side.

Romantic Date

To be the most comfortable during a date, you have to choose a varnish color that suits you. Red, burgundy, plum, whatever, the color must catch the eye, but above all, the nails must be impeccable.