Our Pick: The Top 10 Best Press On Nails For Summer

Jul 05, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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The nails are the most visible part of the body for the woman, and it is necessary to take care of them with constancy and dedication. A good-looking hand is a sign of elegance and charm, requiring specific and good-quality products.


For this reason, in recent years, false nails have become very fashionable. They are applied with specific glue, are filed as desired, and then embellished with enamel or some decoration that makes them unique. However, with the pandemic, the rise of press-on nails took over the beauty industry.

The press-on nails are a great idea to have an effortlessly looking manicure in the safety of your home. From transparent to being colored with your favorite nail polish or decorated, press-on nails are generally self-adhesive and therefore easy to apply and remove.

1. Kiss Gel Fantasy


Made by one of the best brands in the beauty care sector, Kiss has created a very high-quality product at a really affordable price. Using them, you will find that they are very flexible, resistant, and reinforced on the tip, which is more prone to shocks. These are perfect for lovers of nude manicures.

2. imPRESS Neon Vibes


Summer is the time to let all the colors out, and if your wardrobe is not colorful enough, there is no reason why your nails can't be. Not to worry about playing by the beach because the patented adhesive is water-resistant and does not damage natural nails.

3. Glitter Babe By Vixi


Despite being very light, they are resistant and robust. Also, they do not cause discomfort or weigh down on natural nails, thanks to the high-quality ABS plastic they used to make them, so even when you remove them, you can reuse them.

4. A Floral Affair With Color Camp


Floral decorated nails are evergreen, mainly because of spring and even summer. With these designs, you don't have to wait all day long for your nail technician to get the perfect designs. Your fingers will be ready without the slightest effort!

5. Checked Out Chillhouse Chill Tips


The LA-based spa brought its signature manicure styles to the world of press-on. Also, the brand incorporates swirls, geometric shapes, and dots to give life to its manicure. Each set has 24 nails, a cuticle stick, and a double-sided nail file and buffer.

6. Static Nails


If you want nails that will stay with you through your cooking, doing dishes, laundry, hair wash day, and more, then this brand is perfect for you. Besides, the gel used does not destroy your nails in the process.

7. Complimenté Nails


It would typically take you forever to dab such a beautiful design on all of your nails. But with these adhesive nails, the whole thing takes ten minutes at the most!

8. Elegant Touch Bare


Sometimes, we all need a clean slate to work with. These bare nails are just perfect for that. You can decide to either rock it bare or show off your nail decorating skill. Before applying them, always make sure you put the correct false nail on the right finger.

9. Luxxi Nails


If you have ever wanted a double tip French manicure but didn't want to sit at the salon for so long, here is your chance to beautify your nails with Luxxi nails. The brand offers press-on nails in solid staple colors and more unique nail art options.

10. Ethereally Touched Nails

Now, you can wear the clouds and your feelings on your fingertips. This summer, have fun with your look, and you should not leave your nails out of the fun.