Our Pick: Top 5 Body Positive Instagram Posts

It wasn’t every day that you saw someone confidently post their regular untouched body on Instagram. Nowadays, we are thankful for more inclusive and inspiring body-positive posts online. 

Body positivity has risen immensely over the past couple of years, primarily online. Most people on social media have been affected by unattainable body standards presented on apps, but that’s shifting. 

Instagram posts are kinder, more responsible, and more real than before, and we appreciate that. Take a look at five body-positive Instagram posts that we’ve seen and felt inspired by this week. 

In Your Face

Most of us would cringe at magnifying our imperfections, but Ashley Graham goes up close and filter-free. 

It’s All Normal

It’s time to normalize these genuine features that most of us are ashamed of today!

Celebrating Recovery

Every small step towards a healthier life deserves a celebration that includes glitter. 

Be Aware 

Appreciate your healthy body and always check up on how it’s doing. 

Jiggling With Joy

You can’t keep a joyful girl down, cellulite and all. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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