Our Picks: 10 Gossip Girl Accessories That Need To Make A Comeback

Mar 10, 2021
07:00 A.M.
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Fourteen years ago, our lives changed for the better when we were introduced to the Upper East Siders and Brooklyn folks. While many of us were glued to our screens because of the juicy gossip, romantic scandals, and extraordinary characters, some of us were also busy taking fashion notes from the series.


Gossip Girl is all set for a reboot, but in all honesty, we will never get over the original cast members. It only seems like yesterday when we were swooning over Chuck and Nate and eyeing every outfit and accessory worn by our "It girl" and Queen B.

Thanks to Blair, headbands became much more than a boring high school headpiece, and S made us fancy classy outfits and chic handbags. Take a look at ten Gossip Girl accessories that we so wish could make an iconic come back as soon as possible.

1. Blair's Flower-Adorned Headband


There is no dearth of cute, classy, and stunning headbands in Queen B's world. Right from the first episode of season one, we have had a weakness for Blair's one-of-a-kind head accessories, and that will never change.

2.Blair & Serena’s Open-Back Dresses


Just look how adorable these two BBFs look while matching in their amazing open-back sheaths. While bareback dresses are still in vogue, we would love to see an exact copy screaming B and S's style out loud.

3.Blair & Serena’s Clutch Bags


Our favorite style divas were never short of designer handbags to flaunt. But we are in awe of these stunning clutches that complement their playful and classy side and embody the perfect blend of shimmer and shine.

4.Blair & Serena’s Handbags


Do you remember the times when Blair and Serena went on shopping sprees, flaunting their iconic bags and discussing boy problems? The BBFs chose premium labels from Louis Vitton and Chanel to Dior and Fendi.

5. Blair's Polka Dot Dress


We can thank the fashion industry for keeping this wardrobe staple intact, but it's hard to find polka-dot midi dresses similar to Blair's classic style. Such fabrics and silhouettes are hard to come by and have a timeless appeal.

6. Serena's Leather Jacket


Who remembers the scene from the first episode of season one when our favorite "It girl" was spotted at Grand Central. Serena was wearing a chic short body leather jacket, and we would love to have a similar one in our closet.

7. Blair's Classy Shades


Let's take a moment to hail the Queen of Accessories, the One and Only, Blair Waldorf. We will forever be in awe of this style icon's elegance and class, and while her headbands have a special place in our hearts, we endorse this sexy pair of shades.

8. Serena's Warm Coats


S was a welcome sight for sore eyes in her winter outfits, but we particularly loved her statement coats. Comfy, chic, and stylish, we would love to update our wardrobe with warm winter coats.

9. Serena's Necklaces


Ms. Van Der Woodsen knew how to alter her style according to the need of the hour, and her iconic necklaces are a striking example. We loved our "It girl's" neck-piece collection, from wearing huge stones to more intricate pieces.

10. Blair's Hats

And here comes another head accessory courtesy of Queen B - hats. You can take notes from Blair's hat collection and add berets, beanies, floppy, sun, and cloche hats to your wardrobe. So much for style inspiration!