Our Picks: The Top 10 Best TikTok Gadgets To Try

May 15, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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Any brand that makes it on TikTok is bound to become successful these days. Many content creators show off their exciting gadgets on the app, and we can't get enough of the hype around them.


TikTok is one of the best places to go if you are looking for an update on surprisingly useful gadgets to buy. No app is more in tune with clever hacks and products to make life easier than TikTok.

One can spend hours scrolling through the app and come across a million different cool gadgets. Thus, we've created a list with ten of the best TikTok gadgets that you should consider trying very soon.

No Touch Trash Can


An electric trash can is one of those luxuries that can be surprisingly convenient for everyday life. The sleek trash can has a motion sensor, so it opens when you're near, and it ties the trash bag for you when it's full.

Cocktail Maker


If you love hosting parties but aren't the best at mixing drinks, this nifty gadget is perfect for you. This cocktail maker only needs you to insert a pod and your preferred alcohol in it, and it whips everything up for you.

Apple Watch Charger


Sleek and functional gadgets will always catch our attention, just like this Apple Watch charger. This charger allows you to charge your Apple Watch using any USB port, so your watch is always ready to go.

Herb Pod


Fresh herbs are fantastic to use in the kitchen but can go off quite quickly, especially if you live alone. This herb pod helps keep your herbs fresh for up to three weeks, so you have fresh food flavoring for almost a month!

No Touch Hook


Everyone's a little bit more cautious about the things they touch throughout the day since last year. This no-touch hook is excellent for completing everyday tasks like opening doors without using your hands.

Brümate Backtap


This backpack with a tap is perfect for a day out at the park, beach, or camping with friends. The Brümate Backtap can be used as cooler storage, drinks dispenser, or stool, making it super helpful.

Paper Towel Dispenser


Have you ever needed a fresh paper towel, but your hands were wet, which could potentially ruin many sheets? This dispenser is the perfect solution for this situation as it uses a sensor to hand you a fresh towel itself.

No Push Luggage


Those who've had to sprint to boarding gates one too many times will appreciate this cool gadget. This luggage set connects to a bracelet that turns green to indicate when you can start walking, and your luggage follows.

Pura Fragrance Diffuser


Controlling the intensity of a fragrance through your phone seems far-fetched, but not for this diffuser. Your phone can also control the color and diffusing duration of this fabulous Pura Fragrance diffuser.

Charging Phone Case


Are you constantly having to deal with a low battery from being on the go? This charging phone case is the perfect remedy to your situation since all you need to do is put it on, and it automatically charges your device.

Timed Container

Okay, we must admit that we have a bit of a late-night snacking problem, but this container can fix it all. This pantry must-have can be timed to stay locked for a specific duration and only open once the timer is done.