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Our Team Shares The Best Relationship Advice They've Received From Elders


April 12, 2021

We have learned so much from our elders over the years because of the sheer wisdom that they bring to our lives from their experiences. They have so much to share with us that we haven’t even thought about yet. 

For this reason, we thought it would be a good idea to ask the team what their best relationship advice is that they have received from the elders in their lives that might help us all in our romantic relationships. 

Here’s what our team’s families and close friends had to say about relationships. 

Trust Is Important 

“Life happens, money comes, and money goes. Plan for the future always and remember that without trust, there is no relationship.”

Getting this advice might seem like something that you should already know. However, it is always great to hear this from someone you love and trust because it reinforces your beliefs. 


“Be your own woman! Never depend on a man for things. If he provides, that's good and fine but always make sure you can provide for yourself what you want him to provide for you!”

Being your own person is important because you are the only person you are around twenty-four hours a day. You have to create the life that you love always to have the comforts you need. 

Prioritize Your Life

“Never rely on anyone for your happiness. It's so easy to make your significant partner your whole world. Your partner is there to enhance your life, not become it. You need your friends. You need your work. You need your hobbies. Filling your life with much more than your partner will have you learn to always prioritize yourself first without diminishing your feelings for another. When you enjoy your life, you enhance your relationship even more.”

While this advice is previous to the last piece of advice given, this is a more in-depth look at how you can live a life that you love without a partner so that when you have a partner, it enhances that life. 

You’re All You Need 

“We and our life is defined by the choices we make and the people we choose along the way. While it's comforting to have someone around to share your joy and grief, it's important to remember that you're all you will ever need. You're your knight in shining armor. Nobody can complete you because you're whole within yourself.”

Knowing that you are the only person you need is such an empowering feeling because you will never need anybody else for love or validation. You can give yourself what you need and don’t need anybody else to do that. 

Communication Is Key

“We should always be honest with each other and have clear communication in any relationship.”

Communication is essential in every relationship, but it is crucial to remember that communication is more critical in romantic relationships because you aim to build a life with that person. You cannot do that without communicating. 

Happiness Comes From Within

“Be happy and find someone who can add to that happiness. Always be yourself and don’t let anyone change who you are!”

It is always said that you cannot be happy in a relationship until you are happy by yourself. This statement is truer than true because you cannot depend on somebody to make you happy. All that you can hope for is that you find a partner that adds to your happiness. 

Make The Effort 

"Make sure you make an effort every day for each other, never stop showing up, even if you're fighting, sometimes just being there for each other can mean the world and also at the same time to put yourself first as a woman in a relationship, so you never feel stifled or like you're losing your identity or sense of self."

It is essential to make an effort in any endeavor that you hope will succeed, and romantic relationships are no different. You have to make an effort every day to ensure that your relationship is a success.

Respecting Her Wishes 

“I guess every one of my relatives is well aware I'm not really interested in pursuing relationships, so they basically give up trying to impart their wisdom on me.”

We love this story because it shows that families should and can respect whatever wishes you have, especially in your private life and romantic relationships. Having this approach to giving advice is something that we can all practice in our daily lives. 


Bad Sides 

“You don't know anyone's bad side until you're too far in to get out. so try your best to push them to their limits before you decide you want to settle down.”

Getting this advice might seem a bit dark, but it is ultimately true. You need to know precisely what your partner is all about before you fully commit to them. You need to see them in every season so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. 

Sage Advice 

“The game is cold, and [she] should grab a coat.”

Reading this advice made us chuckle; This advice is such a modern approach to relationship advice, and it is funny, too. You’re getting exactly what you paid for when you ask this person for honest relationship advice.