Paris Hilton Calls Out David Letterman And Sarah Silverman On Her New Podcast

Paris Hilton has been sharing her thoughts, opinions, and experiences on her new podcast lately. The hotel heiress and mogul recently opened up with her experiences with the media in the 2000s. 

Paris Hilton is no stranger to press attention and harsh media views, so much so you’d think she’s invincible. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that no one can simply shake off that much unwanted attention. 

Hilton recently started a podcast named ‘This Is Paris’ where she shared her experience from 2007. Read more to see why Paris called out David Letterman and Sarah Silverman for their words back then. 

Paris Goes To Jail

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In May 2007, Paris Hilton was charged with a 45-day jail sentence for violating her probation. At the time, Paris was a notorious party girl who paparazzi would often photograph leaving clubs and bars with friends. 

There were rumors of drug use and excessive alcohol consumption around the L.A ‘it girl’. One of these rumors proved to be true when Paris was charged for reckless driving while under the influence of alcohol. 

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When questioned about how she anticipated her jail time on red carpets, Paris revealed that she was scared. The heiress only spent half of her sentence in a jail cell and the rest from home and a correctional center. 

The David Letterman Interview

After her stint in prison, Paris was back to her usual ventures, which included press interviews. Paris allegedly appeared on ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ on condition that they did not discuss her time in jail. 

Unfortunately, Paris’s requests weren’t met as Letterman immediately addressed the topic upon Paris’s arrival. Although Paris was uncomfortable, she answered David’s questions until she couldn’t anymore. 

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“It was just very cruel and very mean. After it ended, I just looked at him, and I said, ‘I’m never coming on this show again. You’ve crossed the line,’”

Says Paris Hilton

Despite Paris growing even more visibly uncomfortable at the topic, David carried on probing at the mogul. Paris reveals that she left the show’ shaking and crying’ after the unfortunate experience. 

Shame On Sarah Silverman

Before checking herself into jail early, Paris attended the MTV Movie Awards. Paris must have regretted the decision once Sarah Silverman took the stage and proceeded to make Paris the butt of her joke. 

“I heard that to make her feel more comfortable in prison; the guards are going to paint the bars to look like penises. I just worry that she’s going to break her teeth on those things,”

Said Sarah Silverman.

The camera turned to an unimpressed-looking Paris during the joke while fans cheered Silverman on. Paris reflected on the moment and shared that she had to hold back tears while everyone laughed at the mean joke.  

Silverman addressed making the joke in 2010 and called the audience’s reaction ‘so mean’. David Letterman apologized to Paris personally after the interview, and she has been back on her show since then.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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