Powerful Ways To Cope With The Fear Of Feedback

Nobody likes being told what to do, mainly if it corresponds to making amends in your performance. Our innate fear of getting feedback has become our greatest enemy. 

There is nothing scary about giving or receiving feedback from your supervisor. Sometimes people can be a little harsh in the way they assess our performance, and that is why feedback needs to be a two-way process. 

It is essential to understand that when your supervisors share their feedback, you can also ask them any questions that pop up in your mind. Here are the best ways to cope with your fear of hearing back on your performance and view feedback in a positive light. 

Not All Feedback Is Negative 

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It’s high time we understand that there is nothing negative about getting feedback on your performance. It’s a formal process that lets you know how well you’ve done and which areas need improvement. 

The problem arises when we become so used to viewing feedback as something harmful or destructive criticism. Such a viewpoint hurts our feelings and discourages us from performing well in the future, and hinders our progress. 

It Presents Opportunities For Growth 

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When feedback is presented correctly, it can provide room for improvements and better work performance. Employees who can understand the real reason behind assessments can perform even well in the longer run.

Helps Remove Misunderstandings 

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It often happens that employees who don’t receive any feedback on their performance end up harboring feelings of confusion and misunderstanding. Open feedback makes way for free and effective communication between the giver and receiver of feedback. 

Supervisors should try to give constructive feedback and respect the feelings of the person involved. The employees should also ask away any questions they have and remove misunderstandings. 

Assess Your Performance 

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Another effective way of getting rid of your fear of feedback is by assessing your performance. When we give ourselves objective feedback (devoid of any biases or leniency), we can put ourselves in our supervisors’ position and understand how things work. 

Talk It Out 

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Employees should converse with their team heads, rather than bottling things up inside. A big part of facing your disagreement and apprehension about feedback involves having a healthy relationship with your co-workers and supervisors. 

While there are people who want to grill you unnecessarily, not everyone happens to be the same. You can only figure things out, especially the ground realities of useful feedback, if you have a good rapport with your heads and voice your concerns. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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