Purito Responds To Controversial ITA Test Results For Their Centella Sunscreen

2020 has come with so much devastating news that has even filtered through to the beauty industry. Fans of the Purito brand and their Centella unscented sunscreen are in for a massive shock with the latest controversy. 

We all fall for deals and products that are too good to be true more often than not. Although this can be a regular occurrence, it is never pleasant finding out that a company has misled you. 

What used to be a life-changing sun protectant moisturizer for many has been exposed as a fluke. Grab a seat if you’re a Purito die-hard fan and prepare yourself for the worst news you could expect regarding their sunscreen. 

What Is Purito Centella?


Purito is an environmentally friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free Korean cosmetics brand. The well-known brand promotes its products as ‘safe and honest’, but they are in some hot water regarding this at the moment. 

The Purito Centella Sunscreen is a cult favorite amongst the beauty and skincare lovers globally. Their Purito Centella Unscented Sun product gained popularity for its lightweight formula and high SPF count. 

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Skincare fans flocked to support the brand by purchasing the product after learning of the SPF 50+ item. Purito even went on to confirm that the SPF50+ count is an impressive SPF84+.

What Is SPF Exactly?

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Freelance Writer Elizabeth Tacs explains that the acronym is an abbreviation for Sun Protection Factor. The Sun Protection Factor measures how successfully a product shields skin from UVB rays. Sun protection is essential for healthy skin and avoiding sun damage. 

Sun damage is one of the leading causes of damaged skin, even when pitted against aging and alcohol abuse. A high SPF product is fantastic for skin because the higher the SPF, the longer it takes to burn. 

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The continual damage to our ozone layer also increases sun damage threats, making SPF more vital than ever. Products that are SPF15 or less are now considered as even worse than the bare minimum. 

Dermatologists recommend applying a moisturizer with a minimum SPF of thirty these days. Most brands offer up to SPF50, so the SPF50+ seemed like a fantastic miracle product for many consumers. 

What Caused The Purito Scandal?


As mentioned before, Purito claimed that their Centella Unscented sunscreen was SPF84+. Although skeptics raised their concerns, more people fell for the brand’s advertising, which later proved false. 

The famous skincare brand faced some severe backlash regarding their sunscreen’s SPF level claims. Judit Rácz, the founder of INCIDecoder, a cosmetics database, recently broke that their product was less effective than claimed. 

The INCIDecoder story revealed that the sunscreen was tested in two labs and the SPF measured nowhere near 84. Purito’s Centella sunscreen’s SPF claims were debunked and instantly met with unpleasant responses. 

Purito’s recent post addresses the lab ITA-test results made available by Judit’s lab-based investigation. The brand cites a third party manufacturer for what they claim to be an unintentional mistake that we hope can be rectified with haste.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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