Read The 'Grishaverse' Books In Order Before It Starts On Netflix

Feb 17, 2021
09:03 P.M.
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The world of the Grisha is coming to a screen near you. The dark fantasy Grishaverse novels captured the YA fantasy scene from the moment it first debuted under The Shadow and Bone trilogy to widespread success and equal criticism.


Despite the side you take, the Grisha universe novels have made anything but a quiet entrance. With over 2 million copies sold, including several translations of the book, novelist Leigh Bardugo has curated a massive fanbase.

With a Netflix premiere set for April 23 after the final installment of the novel is released on March 30, you may be itching to take a refresher course or maybe you seek to understand the world of Grisha. Check out the ordered list below to get started reading the Grisha novels.

Shadow and Bone


Bardugo’s debut novel is set in a Russian-inspired world or Ravka where we first meet Alina Starkov, an under-the-radar mapmaker whose world is turned upside down after she finds herself in possession of great power.

Along for the ride is Alina’s best friend Malyan Oretsev who wishes to protect her and the charming Darkling who promises her power can save her country. Follow it up with the second novel Seige and Storm and the third book, Ruin and Rising.

Six of Crows


Some argue Six of Crows can be read independently. However, the book is still based on the rich, complex world the previous books created and it may take you some time to grasp its intricacies. Bardugo has even said the Netflix series has married the two books.

The Six of Crows is a pair of swashbuckling fantasy heist novels. The story follows a ragtag team of six wild outcasts whose traumatic pasts make them a heartwarming found family who will go on to stage the most impossible heist.

King of Scars


You must have read the Six of Crows novels and the Shadow and Bone trilogy before you pick up this explosive masterpiece. The Nikolai duology marks the end of the Grishaverse story thus it picks up from the event of the previous novels.

King of Scars takes us through the glamorous palaces and political intrigues in the embattled Ravka. The novel follows the page-turning story of King Nikolai and his closest allies as they seek to rid their land of a terrible fate.

Rule of Wolves


Set for release on March 30, Rule of Wolves is the much anticipated final chapter in the Nikolai duology. The New York Times best-selling author is sure to delight us in what is set up to be an unforgettable ending.

In addition, the story has been teased in a recent EW exclusive that revealed its first chapter. Furthermore, the gorgeous cover has been unveiled to the excitement of many. Last but not least you can read all the stand-alone novels in no particular order.

Language of Thorns


If you wish, you can start with Bardugo’s powerful stand-alone novel The Language of Thorns. In fact, if you are on the fence and want to dip your toe in Bardugo’s writing style before purchase you may start with this one.

It is a collection of wonderful folkloric tales often referenced in the series. Nevertheless, you can also read it last to savor all the magical, crafted stories and themes as you anticipate the release of the live-action adaptation.

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