5 Reason’s To Move In With Your Significant Other ASAP

Taking the expected “next step” to live with your significant other is a big step. But it can also be really nice having a constant companion around.

While deciding to move in with your partner might go down easier with your families now than it has in the past, it might still require some tough conversation between you and your SO.

However, if you can figure that out, living with your partner can be awesome while also helping you get to know each other, pet peeves and all. If you’re thinking about sharing a space with your person, here are some of the nice things you can look forward to:

It’s Cheaper

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It can be a great money-saving move as far as rent is concerned. While you may not necessarily want to share one bedroom apartment with a roomie or friend, when it comes to the human, you’re already sharing body fluids with, hey, why not share a room?

Additionally, if the two of you can talk about finances and split certain joint expenses like groceries and utilities, you might find you’re ending the month with a bit more buck.

Division Of Labor

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You can go fifty/fifty on house chores. And it’s nice to have someone be your eighty when you’re feeling kind of twenty or to be someone’s seventy-five on their twenty-five days.

Basically, some days you need a hand in life, and having another pair around can be really helpful. But also, if it’s the case, some you’ll both only be a ten, and on those days, you can both just be tens together.


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You really get to know a person deeper when you’re doing life right next to each other. You can’t hide your character for long when you’re sharing a space (or maybe you’re crazy committed to your facade and in that case… *shrugs*).

You can either fall in love with their little habits, or you’ll find them that you can’t stand them, and maybe that’s the end of that. There’s also the little fact of physical and sexual intimacy in a space that belongs to the two of you.


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Living with your lover can make you feel safer. Scared of the things that go bump in the night? Someones there with you, and all of a sudden, the things that go bump are a little less scary.

Or you, at the very least, you have someone to be scared with, which sounds a whole lot better than be scared alone, of course.

Growing Together

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While living with someone, your mannerisms start to rub off on one another at some point. All of a sudden, they don’t mind (read secretly enjoys) watching your favorite k-drama, and you’re suddenly into “Star Trek.”

The two of you can motivate each other to be better while keeping each other accountable (not like a police officer, though). You’ve always wanted to take up jogging in the morning, here’s someone who can join you or remind you.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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