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Self Care Guide: 5 Meaningful Gifts That You Can Give Yourself


February 01, 2021

Every once in a while, we deserve a little pampering and love from ourselves. And a whole lot of understanding because we're all we will ever need. 

Giving and receiving gifts from dear ones is a heart-felt tradition that signifies how much we value each other. But we also need some form of self-appreciation from time to time to feel happy and accomplished.

You might have come across people who hate being alone because the mere thought of being by themselves is scary and stressful. If you're working on becoming your own friend, have a look at some of the best and priceless gifts you can give to yourself.

Me Time 

We need to normalize the notion of spending time with ourselves. You don't have to wait for a friend or a lover to take you out to dinner or make you feel happy; you're capable of doing everything on your own. 

Plan out your day and include some quality 'me time' while you do so. You can either sit down and reflect on your thoughts and feelings, meditate, listen to music, read or do anything that brings you joy in your company. 

A Nice Trip 

The pandemic may have ruined our travel plans, but we can still fit short trips into our daily routine. For instance, you can go down to a park or a nice spot in your neighborhood and let the beauty of nature do its magic. 

Healing Time 

We often don't permit ourselves to heal and keep inflicting new wounds while laying open the older ones. It's important to understand that pain isn't always physical, and emotional wreckage can be just as bad. 

Healing comes in due time, and in the majority of cases, we only become strong enough to endure things. We should also make sure that while we can't guarantee how the world treats us, kindness is something we owe ourselves. 


Many times, we blame ourselves for things that didn't work out for us. It can be anything from a relationship ending badly to a friend leaving us or a great job that we lost. The self-blame hits us so severely that we can never be the same person again. 

We need to start forgiving ourselves for everything that is our fault and even the things that aren't our doing. Otherwise, we will end up abandoning ourselves and become our worst possible enemy. 



A good friend is someone who is understanding and supportive, regardless of the circumstances. And just like that, we also deserve to be a genuine friend to ourselves and offer understanding without any judgments or negativity.

When we are more in tune with ourselves, it helps us control our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We are more cautious with the things we do and their impact on the world and the people around us. Empathy starts from within, so understand yourself if you want to understand the world.