Self Care Guide: How To Let Go Of Self-Judgments

We can be our worst possible critic, and sometimes in the pursuit of making things better, we end up hammering ourselves too much. Perhaps it’s time to rethink your self-reflection ways and go a little easy on yourself.

Nothing can be as hard as breaking free from the cycle of self-doubts and second guesses, especially with all the negativity around. In a world that’s continually trying to change us, the least we can do is stay true to ourselves. 

While there’s nothing wrong with judging your performance, the problem arises when our self-reflections become negative and painful. Find out some healthy ways to let go of self-judgments that no longer serve you well. 

Embrace Your Emotions 

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Many times, we struggle with allowing ourselves to feel what we need to in order to become in tune with our emotions. There are also cases where we would prefer going numb rather than experiencing a particular feeling because of the predetermined norms laid down by society. 

Please give yourself the liberty to feel what you need to feel to become fully liberated from the burden of suppressed emotions. It would help if you did not let the societal norms and people’s expectations define who you are and what you’re allowed to feel

Steer Clear Of Toxic People 

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Another thing to keep in mind is carefully analyzing the company you keep. If enemies in friends’ clothing surround you, they will not waste a single opportunity to make you hate and criticize yourself. 

Rethink Your Self-reflection Process 

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Have you ever given serious thought to the process of self-inquiry you adhere to when it comes to assessing yourself? Oftentimes, we end up bashing ourselves and being way too harsh in our pursuit to do better in life. 

It will help if you let go of painful self-reflection because it can do more harm than good. It is good to have a balanced view of ourselves but do not fluctuate too much towards a negative self-image. 

Live In The Now 

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The majority of the time, we judge ourselves for our mistakes, and they are concerned with stuff in our past. While we cannot go back in time to fix things, we can make conscious efforts to appreciate what we have now and make our future better. 


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How can we let go of holding ourselves in a negative light? You can make small efforts every day, starting with rewiring your mind and becoming more aware of your feelings and emotions, and this can be done by engaging in mindful activities

Please get in the habit of spending some quiet time with yourself every day. You can go outside for a walk, sit down to listen to some music, or meditate to calm your senses. These little exercises will help you become more in control of yourself. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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