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Self Care Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Mind And Soul


March 10, 2021

The annual spring cleaning has become a much-sought-after ritual that helps us declutter and spruce up our space. However, our life, too, needs to get rid of negativity and trauma by shedding away old habits and emotional baggage that serve us no good. 

How often do we sit down and reflect on our thoughts, feelings, and emotions? Some of us might be able to recall keeping self-reflective journals in high school, where we would note down a brief overview of how we had spent a particular day. 

While such healthy practices have gradually found their way out of our busy schedules, our lives have become more stressful and heavy as a result. Because March is the perfect time to embark on new expeditions, here are some easy-to-follow steps if you wish to spring clean your mind and soul. 

Let Go Of What's Unresolved 

By default, some of us are accustomed to holding onto our past and over-thinking old scenarios. Being in a state of constant disarray can leave us feeling stressed out, or worse, in utter despair. 

We should try to make peace with what has already happened and only adds to our pile of growing worries. Sometimes, it's best to let bygones be bygones and focus all our strength and energy on our present. 

Declutter Your Mind And Heart 

With the global pandemic hanging above our heads like a sharp-edged sword, it's easy to experience negative thoughts and feelings. Our minds and hearts are bound to get weighed down because of information overload, giving us bouts of anxiety and emotional pain. 

Just like an overcrowded room can appear messy and disorganized, we, too, need to clear up our thoughts and emotions to feel light. Let go of anything that doesn't deserve to sit in your mind and heart and make space for new and positive stuff. 

Re-evaluate Your Priorities 

Start by asking yourself some fundamental questions. What requires your attention and focus, and what are you better off not thinking about? How can you become a better version of yourself? 

Having your priorities in order is the foremost step to setting the tone right for nearly everything in life. Get in the habit of categorizing events, and you will gradually be able to figure out where and how you need to expend your energy. 

Purge All The Negativity 

Negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions are toxic, both for ourselves and the people around us. Similarly, steering clear of forced connections is highly essential to reaching the peak of your emotional well-being. 

Scrub your heart and soul of any and all negativity and channel optimism. Negativity breeds more negativity, leaving no room for positivity and hope, and breaking free from its sick cycle carousel is the only way to progress. 


Breathe In The Moment 

You can take it in the literal and figurative contexts and apply both to your daily routine. We have become so choked with our busy schedules that there's no room for any healthy activity in our life, and that's the root cause of all problems. 

We should try to make peace with our past and embrace the present moment. It is okay not to be okay, but comprehending that this life is an extraordinary gift worth cherishing with every breath can help us evolve into a cleaner, more refined version of ourselves.