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Self Care Pick: Relax With Stray Kids Felix's ASMR Videos


March 17, 2021

ASMR may be one of the most weirdly wonderful categories on Youtube that only gets better with time. Stray Kids’ Felix has explored the Youtube genre, and he is becoming a relaxation top pick!

People watch ASMR videos online for several reasons, such as inducing sleep or relaxation. ASMR generates millions of views each day, so it is clear that it is an effective aid for many people. 

Some would recommend ASMR for winding down and getting in a calm state on a self-care day. Read more to see how you can achieve optimum relaxation while listening to your favorite K Pop star do ASMR. 

A Dynamic Duo

Who would’ve thought that the combination of ASMR and K Pop would be so fantastic? We have all seen different types of ASMR video collaborations, such as ASMR Mukbangs and storytimes, and now we have K Pop. 

Kpop’s Stray Kids boy band has been posting videos on Youtube for fans, especially during lockdowns. Their Youtube content includes categories you’d usually see on the app, such as vlogs and choreography videos.  

One of the categories the Youtube channel cover is ASMR, which Felix records alone in a cozy setup. The ASMR videos average over 600k views, proving that K Pop stars and ASMR make a dynamic duo. 

Reasons To Watch Stray Kids’ ASMR

Being a K Pop superfan may be a good enough reason to watch Felix’s ASMR videos, but they are plenty more. You may already know that the singer has a lovely voice, but we feel we should reiterate how smooth it is. 

Felix is also an ideal ASMR host because of how quickly he’s managed to perfect the ASMR techniques. He has every little mic tapping sound and stroking effect down to perfection and adds his own effects too. 

Felix has you covered if you are looking to learn something new while you drift off to relaxation. The performer teaches his ASMR audience slang words in some of his videos, and he shares about his passions. 

Fans of desserts such as Brownies can also look forward to hearing Felix get excited over the treats. It also helps a ton that Felix and his set are always dressed to make the video visually appealing. 

Setting Up Your Self Care Day

Hopefully, we have you convinced to watch Felix’s ASMR videos to have the best self-care experience. All you need to do now is set up your space for the perfect self-care day or moment. 


Feel free to light your favorite candle to entice your senses even more. We recommend burning a dessert scented candle to match the to create a well-rounded experience when listening to his baked goods ASMR. 

You should also run yourself a bubble bath to listen to your ASMR videos for a full spa effect. Take part in another relaxing activity you enjoy before or after, even if it’s just eating a cookie to enjoy your ASMR experience fully.