Selfcare Guide: Navigating Simple Ways Of Controlling Your Sensitive Side

Highly sensitive people are almost always told to keep their emotions in check and take a backseat when it comes to owning responsibility. It’s time we acknowledge an HSP for their compassion, empathy, understanding and kindness. 

There is nothing wrong with being a highly sensitive person; rather, being able to feel is a rare gift. People who can experience emotions are also more aware of their surroundings, as well as their inner selves. 

Another trait most common in sensitive folks is their ability to understand and absorb other people’s emotions and show empathy. If you’re an HSP or know someone who’s having a hard time handling their sensitive side, here are some tips to stop seeing your sensitivity as a weakness. 

Be Gentle With Yourself 

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Oftentimes, sensitive people struggle with managing their emotions, mainly because they are too strong and too many in number. When you’re an emotional wreck, it is easy to give in to numbness rather than let the feelings control you. 

Whenever you feel too emotional, it can help to become more in touch with yourself and understand why you’re feeling a certain way. Learn to be gentle with yourself and you might figure out a way to put your sensitivity to good use. 

Allow Yourself To Feel 

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If you don’t give yourself the permission to feel, you can go in self-denial and even self-abandonment. Instead of fighting your feelings, allow yourself to feel so that you can control your emotions and stop them from overpowering you. 

Reach Out To A Loved One  

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We all have someone we can confide in, so the best thing to do whenever you’re an emotional wreck is to reach out to them. Discuss what you’re going through and don’t hold anything back, because the more you get things out, the lighter you will feel. 

If you don’t like calling people for help, engage in mindfulness activities to take charge of your emotional side. Grabbing your writing journal and putting down your thoughts and feelings can also be a healthy exercise. 

Understand The Root Of Your Emotions 

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A common mistake sensitive people make is never trying to figure out the reason why they feel a certain way. If you cannot find out the reason behind your feelings, you will never be able to handle them properly and they might end up consuming you. 

Channel Your Emotional Strength 

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Sensitive folks can take pride knowing their emotional intelligence quotient is likely to be high, which means they can excel in a variety of fields. Many leadership and managerial roles now demand people who are great communicators, empathetic and can exhibit compassion in the workplace. 

Being sensitive can be demanding, mainly because harboring so many feelings is a daunting task. But, if you can learn to control your emotions and use them strategically, they can prove to be your biggest strength. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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