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Skincare Trends That Are Set To Gain More Popularity Next Year


December 21, 2020

Skincare, just like makeup and hair, has its stand out beauty trends each year. As the perception of beauty changes with time and society, skincare adapts to fit those standards to remain relevant. 

Unlike beauty categories such as makeup, skincare is seen as an essential element. We must protect our skin from harsh elements, sun damage, and so much more for our appearance and health. 

When we look beyond protection, there are aesthetics, and some elements become more trendy than others. Take a look at what skincare trends we will see next year with the change in skin treatment priorities. 

Mask Acne Treatments

More people are unexpectedly breaking out due to their coronavirus combatting face masks. Dermatologists revealed that even people with great skin seem to suffer from cover induced acne. 

"Many people who never thought twice about the health of their skin or never had 'problem skin' are noting increased breakouts and skin irritation with daily mask-wearing,"

Says Dr. Ramanadham

As a result, more people will seek medical-grade products and topicals to combat their acne. People will also find interest in treating scarring and hyperpigmentation from previous mask acne breakouts. 

Gentle Retinol Alternatives

Although retinol seems to be a great superpower ingredient, many fear that it will irritate young skin. Retinol helps minimize lines and wrinkles and unclogs pores, and reduces acne breakouts. 

This ingredient is an excellent preventative ingredient for women in their late 20s, but it is potent. Gentler, plant-based alternatives may be where younger women turn to prevent signs of aging instead. 

Streamlined Cosmetic Procedures

Bigger is not always better in the cosmetic world, especially as the years go by. Women are more likely to go for minuscule procedures for specific problem areas than making one significant change to their appearance. 

This new trend may put E! 's Dr 90210 spinoff show Botched out of business in a few years. More people see better results from smaller procedures here and there to improve their skin's appearance. 

Injectable Facelifts

The "liquid facelift" is a procedure that uses botox, fillers, and lasers to give you a rejuvenated face effect. This non-invasive procedure offers the benefits of a regular facelift without having to go under the knife. 

The greatest thing about this liquid facelift procedure is that it is customizable. Patients can consult with doctors to insert filler and botox in some regions of the face to achieve a specific result. 


DIY Chemical Peels

We've all learned the hard way that there are some personal care practices we should know how to DIY. Lockdown made it clear that home treatments are the way to go, so many skincare trends will revolve around DIY. 

At-home chemical peels will be gentler than in-office peels but still offer similar benefits to the skin. Chemical peels help with sun damage, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, acne, and uneven skin tone.