Spice Up Your Morning Coffee With These Clever Ideas

Sometimes all it takes is that first whiff of coffee to wake you up in the morning. But maybe you’re tired of having your coffee the same every morning, and there are a few ways to change up your brew without compromising on the caffeine!

Coffee is the liquid of life! You wake up in the morning, and it’s the very first thing you need for that energy boost in the morning!

But doing the same old thing can get boring, and maybe your same old cup of coffee isn’t as satisfying anymore. So here are a few ways to switch your morning coffee up to make it more satisfying!

Add Something To It


Sometimes you just need to switch up your flavor, and you can do that by experimenting with sweeteners, syrups, and even condensed milk! You can even try adding protein to your coffee for a better workout experience!

You can also switch the coffee out for a mocha, especially if you’re a chocolate lover! And if you’re after the ultimate café experience, you can top your cup up with some whipped cream!

Try Brewing It Differently


You can try a few brewing methods to find one you like! There’s a cold brew, using a French press, or even a Moka pot to experiment with and find the brew you prefer best!

The way you brew your coffee can give it a bit more body. The slow process of cold brewing has become a worldwide sensation, but if you like something different from your plane coffee machine, you should give other methods a try!

Clean Your Machine


You’re not going to get better coffee by leaving your brewer uncleaned! Ensure you clean it out well and remove old grounds because old grounds can make a weak brew you might not love!

Weigh Your Grounds


Creating a beautiful brew for breakfast takes a bit of math, so whip out your scale! You need to measure the amount of coffee you’ll need to create the best-flavored brew, and generally, that’s about a tablespoon of coffee grounds per cup!

Try A Different Brew


Why restrict yourself you just one flavor of coffee? There are beautiful grounds with intense flavors from all around the world!

Try some Arabica produced from the beautiful islands of Costa Rica. A change to your routine might just be the secret to a better coffee brew and a better you!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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