Spoiler Alert: A Glimpse Into 'The Circle' Season 2 Terilisha V.S. Savannah Drama

May 17, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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If you have been keeping up with the series, you’ll want to know all about the drama! The Circle contestants have been fighting to stay in the game and win $100,000, and they’ve been fighting tooth and nail to get it!


The game kicked off, and it was a race to the finish but not far past the first blocking, and the drama was a-brewing. The group has ever since been divided, and there’s one player that’s out for revenge!

In a catfishing and master manipulation game, who wouldn’t start a feud when there’s a hundred grand at steak! Even after the elimination of both Terilisha and Savannah, the drama still goes on, so here is a recap.

Terilisha VS Savannah


Terilisha and Savannah came on to the show in hopes of being finalists and standing a chance to win $100,000! In their first week in The Circle, they were pretty popular in the group and made strong connections with the other players.

Their popularity ultimately led them to influencer status, but with a blue tick comes a great burden, and they had to pick a player to get blocked. Not taking the decision lightly, the group said goodbye to Bryant.


The news was delivered to the group via Terilisha but Savannah, not wanting to seem like a bad guy, told the group that the decision was not her own. This started the feud in the group, and the two began talking to other players to get them on their side.

Unfortunately, the other players didn’t want any part of the hostility brought up time and time again during the game, and ultimately both players ended up being blocked! Upon leaving, each player was allowed to meet another contestant.



Savannah chose to meet up with Courtney and dished the dirt on Terilisha. This sent Courtney on the warpath to avenge his fallen sister and win the game or at least come close!

Courtney is currently seeking blood and going after all the players who’ve sided with Terilisha in the past. His power was only driven when given the opportunity to have an influence on the new players Mitchell and Khat!


"You lose people's, you know, where they have diction, whether they're stressing or not stressing, so you're left to wonder what exactly did they mean, and 'Am I perceiving all of this all correctly?'" Savannah

It sounds like Savannah thinks things can get a bit fuzzy when you're not face-to-face, which is true. But cameras were filming every moment, and we got to see it play out, so was it tactic or a misunderstanding?

The finale


In a game with so much at stake, it’s easy to get caught up in the drama. So who is going to make it to the finale, and what will they say when they find out who the catfish are?

The players were shocked, to say the least, when they found out who was playing as some of their favorite players. All the while, Terilisha, and Savannah had a chance to exchange words again, a bit of an awkward moment bur we got through it and crowned the winner after an entertaining finale!