Story Of The Day: 5 Things I’ve Learned From My Love For Reading

When I was but a little kid, my parents acquainted me with the most faithful friends ever – books. Since then, I’ve always found solace in the pages of my favorite novels, experiencing everything from pure bliss to a whirlpool of emotions. 

Reading is one of the rare luxuries in life that diversifies our mental faculties. From giving us the wings to fly to letting us dream with open eyes, there is no limit to what a reader’s mind and heart can experience. 

They say that journeying through a great book is always an option if you cannot travel physically. And as an avid reader, I’ve always found this to be true regardless of the circumstances. Allow me to share my biggest takeaways from my love for reading. 

We’re Never Too Old To Dream 

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It might surprise you, but not everyone knows how to dream. Sure, we all see amazing things the moment we fall asleep, but how many of those experiences can we recall later on? 

There’s a marked difference between dreaming with open and closed eyes, and only a reader can decipher such complexities. Thanks to all the enchanting stories I’ve read, my dreams are never short of an adventure (except for those rare times when they’re nightmares). 

Cherishing The Simple Joys 

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Life is made up of tiny moments. While we’re forever searching for more meaning in our everyday lives, we can somehow miss out on the simple joys in pursuit of the bigger ones. 

Reading has taught me to appreciate life’s minuscule moments. You never know what the next chapter of your favorite book will hold, and the same is valid for life. Every day is a new beginning. 

Wondering, Wandering & Contemplating Keep Us Alive 

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Curiosity may have killed the cat, but the ability to question is something upon which a reader thrives. Before delving deep into a story’s details, making guesses and interpreting what will happen next keeps us readers intrigued for more content. 

Words are the most powerful tool ever, and the ability to relate to someone’s thoughts and feelings somehow becomes an inspiration for many readers, fueling their wonder and wanderlust. 

Imagination Should Always Run Wild 

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Writers paint a magnificent picture through their words, contributing to the mental imagery that forms in a reader’s mind. There is no limit to the endless avenues a story can explore, which are a byproduct of the writer’s imagination. 

Reading has allowed me to value my wild-running thoughts and deep-rooted feelings. Sifting through a book or a powerful piece of writing has given me the freedom to believe in possibilities and harbor hope above all else. 

Escape Hatches Can Be Healthy 

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Whenever the going gets hard, all we want to do is run far, far away from all the drama and breathe anew. Escaping into my favorite books and stories has always been a tranquil respite for me, instantly uplifting my low spirits. 

Even when our loved ones cannot be there with us, a book will keep us company. I’ve always viewed my reading collection as my most valuable friends, who have stayed with me through all the hard times. And I hope that never changes. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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