Story Of The Day: Music Has Always Been My Safe Haven

As someone who’s always adored musical sequences in movies and TV series, I wish we could live such moments IRL. Because everything sounds a little more magical when you have something to sing and dance to! 

A world without music would have been a sad, lonely place. So whether you’re feeling ecstatic, low, or a whirlpool of hard-to-explain feelings, you can count on your favorite song to always have your back. 

I’ve always viewed music as poetry with a melodic twist. No matter what I’m going through, I can blindly confide in my go-to playlist whenever I want to sit down with my feelings. Here is why I cannot function without a lyrical background tribute in life. 


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Regardless of where I am, I always make sure I have my smartphone and earphones with me. Plugging in my earbuds has been a massive part of my survival 101 course, helping me glide smoothly through many awkward moments. 

Have you ever gone through those not-so-pleasant instances when you’re waiting for someone or merely left on your own in a crowd? We introverts know exactly what it feels like, and listening to music comes as a lifesaver in such situations. 

Mood Enhancer 

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There is scientific and research-backed evidence that proves the mood-boosting ability of music. When we listen to a super relatable, chilling, or soulful track, it stimulates our brain to release the hormone dopamine, also called the happy chemical. 

Resultantly, you will instantly notice a drastic change in your mood. The reason for this is that music tends to intensify our feelings, magnifying everything we’re going through to a massive extent. 

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On the whole, listening to music can help in easing pain and trauma. This also explains why many people use calming and soothing sound effects in guided meditations and affirmations to feel better. 

Nostalgic Touch 

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Music can have a nostalgic appeal. Just like you associate your favorite fragrance with a fond memory, a touching tune can take you back in time to a particular event or place. In addition, songs are said to stimulate memory nodes, thus improving our recall factor. 

My teenage years were dominated by Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and the list goes on. When I wanted a dose of intuitive music, I’d turn to Lifehouse, Daughtry, and The Script.  

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I’ve always had a mood music playlist. Growing up, I still love all the above-mentioned bands and musicians, but new tenants have taken residence in my heart. Coming across a masterpiece while watching a movie or TV series cheers me up like a five-year-old. 

All in all, the most notable moments in my life have always had a soundtrack. And it’s because of these very lyrical tributes that I can still recall incidents, places, and people. So music is and will always be my safe haven. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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