10 Popular Songs That We Were Surprised To Hear In TV Shows

Feb 24, 2021
11:00 A.M.
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Our all-time favorite TV shows don't just entice us for the characters and the plot. They can be great places for discovering new music, not to mention that the iconic scenes playing some fantastic tracks stay etched in our memory forever.


A life without music would have been dull and boring. And if like me, you've also felt the strong urge to google a song right after getting done with an episode or two of your binge-worthy TV series, then you, my friend, should take pride in your eclectic taste.

From Meredith Grey's romantic Mc Dreamy sequence to Daphne and Simon waltzing as the most sought-after couple in the ballroom, music has the power to make any moment worthwhile. Here, we take a look at ten popular songs that caught our fancy in TV shows.

1. Grey's Anatomy - Breathe Deep By Sleeping At Last


Our fragile hearts couldn't handle the whirlpool of emotions that quickly swept over us. Only God knows how long we've waited for a MerDer union, even if it's courtesy of a sweet dream playing this heartfelt tune in the background.

2.Bridgerton - Thank You, Next By Vitamin String Quartet

Our beloved Regency Period Drama featured classic renditions of our all-time favorite 21st century hit songs. This iconic tune, in particular, plays when Daphne enters the dancing arena along with her family and runs into Simon.

3.Gossip Girl - Apologize By OneRepublic


We all love OneRepublic and Gossip Girl, and in case you didn't know, the song was featured on the show's first season. With Serena and Dan finding love while their parents realized it was too late for them, this beautiful track fit the scene's complexity all too well.

4.Gossip Girl - What Goes Around Comes Around By Justin Timberlake


Right in the first episode of the first season, the IT girl decides to return home and meet her best friend, Blair. However, Blair is not happy to see her dear old friend and JT's signature song plays in the background.

5. Grey's Anatomy - Somewhere Only We Know By Keane

Grey's Anatomy had us hooked right from the first episodes when our favorite doctors entered the medical arena as naive interns. With Meredith's phenomenal narration, Keane's evergreen tune plays as she tries to express her feelings.

6.The Vampire Diaries - A Drop In The Ocean By Ron Pope


Ron Pope's heart-wrenching track plays when Stefan calls up Elena to hear her voice, and she instantly recognizes him. And poor Damon is in the mood to break a few things, other than his already broken heart.

7.Lucifer - Creep By Radiohead


Is there anything the devil cannot do? For me, the most memorable scenes are where Lucifer manifests his musical talent, and his iconic performance of Creep in the first episode of season four gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

8.The Vampire Diaries - I Was Wrong By Sleeperstar

Damon fell for his brother's girl, and he seized the opportunity in season 2 to express his love. But the saddest part was how he compelled her to forget everything the moment he had said it all out loud.

9. Grey's Anatomy - In My Veins By Andrew Belle


Dr. Bailey has been our most favorite, tough warrior resident. Seeing her break down in this scene literally broke our hearts, and we couldn't take the trauma and the heartache. The song intensified the feelings.

10.The Originals - Open Hands By Ingrid Michaelson Feat Trent Dabbs

Klaus has always struggled with his feelings, be it Caroline or Camille. I mean, who compliments the girl, states his less positive qualities, and then asks her to leave, all the while breaking up from the inside? Open Hands, indeed, are hard to hold onto anyway.